Removal of the headphone jack : the future or a marketing scheme?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by aertus, Oct 22, 2017.
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  1. RockStar2005
    Interesting info reginalb!
  2. danadam
    :confused: That's for uncompressed audio. FLAC should be smaller, though admittedly nowhere near 990 kbps.
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  3. reginalb
    I just played an album and that's what it was at. I don't think that's the uncompressed WAV, because for lossy I know it's not.
  4. danadam
    96'000 (samples per second) * 24 (bits per sample) * 2 (channels) = 4'608'000 bits per second = 4'608 kbps

    My 24/96 flacs show between 2'000 and 3'000 kbps.
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  5. Wilson

    They danced around the straight-forward answer. I work in the sound/voice digital signal processing field, and I believe that LDAC isn't lossless. Their marketing and engineering probably had a disjoint somewhere, leading to some awkward situations.

  6. RockStar2005
    It might as well BE lossless though at 990 kbps though, right? I dunno. lol
  7. Wilson
    At work, I am on a project designing a new Bluetooth "hearable/headset/audio" IC and the design covers dual mode (Bluetooth classic and the new BLE spec).

    The new Bluetooth 5.0 bandwidth has increased to 2 Mbps, but the new audio protocol standard that the committee working on has not been finalized and announced. Perhaps the Sony LDAC is counting on the new future audio protocol to allow for more bandwidth to meet their claims.
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  8. Whitigir
    Is aptX Hd lossless then
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  9. Wilson
    AptX HD is a lossy codec for sure. If I recall correctly it is an ADPCM scheme.
  10. RockStar2005
    So you're saying BT 5.0 still doesn't have enough bandwidth to make LDAC lossless?
  11. Wilson
    There will be a new audio specification in the future, but it has not been announced at this time. Therefore using the A2DP the available bandwidth for audio is still limited and same as before. Some articles explained the details on these APTX and LDAC marketing claims better, and they are lossy ...

    For my own music listening, I want my music to be always at the highest possible quality and therefore I avoid wireless links. I can live with the wires. There are many elements in wireless links that could cause imperfections, packet loss due to some wireless interference would be one and lossy compression/decompression to get around the bandwidth or protocol limitations being another. With the new 2-ear wireless pods you need synchronization mechanisms between the left and right devices and their digital clocks on the two can never be identical, ... etc.
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  12. RockStar2005
    I C. Interesting. Is there a specific number of kbps that differentiates lossy from lossless? I always thought it was around 1000, but not sure at all really.

    I prefer wired over wireless sound, but WHEN the day comes where human beings can no longer tell the difference (and I KNOW it's coming soon! lol), I will most definitely be on board to buy a wireless headphone. My concern is how they maintain TOP sound quality w/o a DAC involved. I guess then the ADC would have to be made incredible? This Audio-Technica headphone gives me hope though b/c it doesn't use a DAC and still sounds incredible per many reviews I've read on it.

    I have all my music put to 256-512 kbps AAC b/c I have come to the conclusion after much research and my own experiences doing blind ABX tests that people cannot statistically tell the difference b/t 256 kbps and FLAC/ALAC. Even ppl on here who I respect feel the same way. Yes it's lossy, but I don't care so long as I cannot tell the difference no matter how hard I try. And I have very good hearing too (also been tested). I used to only play and store my music in FLAC/ALAC, but if it takes up so much more space (and more battery power to play those bigger files), then why do it, is the conclusion I reached. I buy Hi-Res files all the time, but to me AS LONG AS I'm not downsampling them to mp3-level, they will sound the same. The only reason they sound better in FLAC/ALAC is because in order to get access to those versions of albums with superior-sounding masters, you HAVE to buy Hi-Res. But that doesn't mean it has to stay at that resolution to sound as good. Some ppl will argue that, and that's fine. But I stand by my beliefs.
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  13. aertus
    the LDAC might not be loseless but it has the highest bitrate out of all others. sony cold potentially surpass those audio technica if they release their own version with similar technology. Anyways, i think its cheaper to just get AKG and a decent amp than buying those audio technica.

    also new sony flagship leaks show Sony had a last minute change in their design. People say it might be they changed their mind about removing the headphone jack and so they added it back.
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  14. RockStar2005
    Can't argue with the AKG + amp (or amp/DAC) suggestion! Or Sennheiser. lol AKG K550 MK III (or MK I or II) or the Sennheiser HD1 Over-Ear (which I currently use) are both great options to consider.
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