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Rega Planar 3 - Which Tonearm? etc...

  1. Paul Graham
    Evening Ladies & Gents...
    I'll try to make it short,
    I'm not a noob to this but have been away from vinyl and a decent turntable setup for some time now.
    I had a Thorens TD180 eons ago but unfortunately sold it ( Stupid moi lol ) 
    Still have my SLBD22's, 1210 & 1200's, Love them but they don't have what Im after.
    So lets cut the matter at hand...
    I found a Rega Planar 3 for £70 and pounced.
    Anyway, It is Armless so I need some advice please...
    I'll think about my Phono stage options once the Tonearm & Cart setup are decided upon, 
    So, What Tonearm's will fit/work/sound great without having to modify the deck at all?
    Also, Im looking for a warm yet detailed sound stage with crisp highs and tight controlled bass.
    ( Im also considering having Frank at Toxic Cables make me a Copper Widow cable kit as it produces a nice warm signal. )
    My budget will be around £250, £300 tops for the tonearm & possibly the cart, If I can stretch. If not The cart can come later.
    Any help would be much appreciated thank you!
    p.s. I'll mainly be listening to Jazz, Blue Grass, Classical, Old 80's electronica & Bands like ZZ top.
    Many thanks, Paul :)
    pp.s Thought I would start my own thread so any info wont get lost in one big thread. 
    Sorry lol.
  2. calipilot227
    Posted this in the other thread.
    Get a Rega RB250 (or RB300 if you can afford it), and mount an Ortofon 2M Red or Blue. Beautiful match for that arm. You should have no problem whatsoever mounting either on your table.
  3. Paul Graham
    Short & Sweet but sometimes those are the best answers lol! Thank you :)
    Have I any other options? Ie, Will say a Pro-Ject or SME arm fit the RP3?
    Also, Wasn't it the RP3 that had issues with its original motor??? I can't remember.
    Haha I just realised the RP3 was born in the same year as I was lol.
  4. Paul Graham
    As stated in the other thread.
    RB300 it is, With 2m & maybe a Grado cart also.
    That was quick & easy lol. Thanks for your help dude :)
  5. calipilot227
    No problem [​IMG] I'll try to steer you away from a Grado cart. The Rega uses an AC motor in close proximity to the tonearm, which will cause hum with a Grado cart since they're unshielded. The 2M blue exhibits no hum on my P2/RB250 combo.
    As for the Pro-ject arm, the Rega arm is actually better (and should cost less). An SME will require drilling/cutting into the plinth. Not impossible, but say goodbye to any resale value at that point.
    Regarding the motor, I believe yours (the Planar 3, rather than the P3/RP3) uses the original suspended motor design, which reportedly caused some speed variation. I can't verify this, as I have only heard the later models. Rega sells a 24 volt motor upgrade (same as the new RP3, RP6, and P3-24) that attaches directly to the plinth (solving the speed issue) and has a nearly nonexistent level of vibration (eliminating the need for the rubber suspension). I may decide to perform this upgrade to my P2 along with the TTPSU, time will tell.
    The guy who sold me my P2 included the original belt along with the white belt upgrade. Surprisingly, the white belt actually lives up to its claims of improving the sound (pretty noticeable difference). That, along with the RB300 and 2M Blue, and you should be set for a while.
    Once you go Rega, it's hard to go back [​IMG]
    Paul Graham likes this.
  6. p a t r i c k
    With a Rega Planar 3 I think you will be best to get the Rega RB250 arm. There is also the Rega RB300 arm but I think the RB250 is just as good as the RB300.
    I recommend you keep an eye on eBay, particularly the UK part of eBay because Rega stuff is very often to be seen there and as it is so common here in the UK the prices are very good.
    So you might be able to pick the arm up there for a low price.
    The Rega arm has been subject to many modifications by people over the years. I think the modifications are rarely of much benefit and if I were you I'd just get a stock arm because there is a risk that if it has been modified then it may have been damaged.
    You mention other arms as a possibility but none is better than the Rega arm. It is the best budget arm by a long way.
    The only reason why I would use an alternative arm would be if I were using a very high compliance cartridge, the Rega arm is best with a mid compliance cartridge.
    Now to the cartridge. One of my favourite cartridges will go very nicely on the Rega arm is a moving magnet cartridge made by Goldring. This cartridge comes in several variations at different prices.
    These all use the same body. The 1006 is the cheapest and the 1042 is the most expensive.
    These are mid compliance cartridges and you will be able to view them at this web page at the bottom:
    I recommend these cartridges because they are full of life and work so well with the Rega arm because it has one flaw which is that it is just a little bit lifeless.
    Those Goldring cartridges will bring really superb quality reproduction. I used the 1042 for many years with the Rega arm (but not on a Rega TT) and it really was a joy to listen to.
    If you buy the 1006 you can, of course, upgrade to a 1042 stylus at a later time. I think the 1042 would be out of your price range now.
  7. Paul Graham
    Revisiting this old thread lol...
    I eventually managed to bag a good deal on an RB300. 
    Paired with that I currently have a Nagaoka MP10 and the combo works very nicely for now.
    Anyway, New year will eventually see a psu upgrade, Sub platter, belt and platter too.
    Standard cables for now and using the onboard phono stage on the Mira 3.
    I'm trying to find the tt psu mk1 and the matching phono stage, But they're like needles in a VERY VERY large haystack these days.
    I'll also be looking at a recable at some point. So yes, Not much of an update in all this time, But thanks for the advice guys! Really glad I went with a Rega arm.

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