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Recommend me a pair of EXTREMELY DURABLE in ear earbuds under $100

  1. Bassheadd
    Im getting sick and tired of buying new $100 earbuds every year.  Would be nice to find a pair that will last at least a few years.  I baby my earbuds, and though ive never carried them in the cases (which i might start doing),  I never stuff them in my pocket or wrap it around my MP3 player like a lot of people do with their cheap earbuds.  And for the love god I want a set where the cord isnt going to short out on me!  Every single earphones ive ever bought have had this happen.
    I bought a set of UE Super FI4 yesterday and they sound great and fit amazing but im probably gonna return them cause Im reading so many reviews of peoples falling apart.  I had the UE Super Fi5 EB prior and that lasted a year til the left earbud came apart and ripped the wires in half.
  2. Bassheadd
  3. jakevance
    Maybe something like these: http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/image-s5i-rugged-overview/
    They're a bit over your budget, but I bet they could be found for around $100. 
  4. BrandonB
    I was going to recommend the Klipsch as well.  If I were in the market I'd get them.  I had the S4 and loved the sound but accidentaly  threw them in the Hospital laundry.  These are supposed to be the same but with rugged features so you should give them a shot. 
  5. younglee200
    Shure SCL4s lol
  6. chnsawBrutality
    Meelec M6 seems like a tough IEM so far.  It's been getting beat at the gym with sweat the past two months. It comes with a pretty good case too
  7. TiRider
    Durability is one of my biggest concerns. I'm hard on my IEMs. Like you I've grown tired of buying the latest, greatest, "hot" IEM and have one of it's earpieces quit after 3-6 months.  So far my durability champs are Nuforce NE-6. I've used them 6-8 hours a day at work and at the gym for over a year. They've taken some major abuse and still work perfectly.
    While the sound of the $40 NE-6 isn't bad I'd been looking for an upgrade for awhile.  Then I found out that Nuforce was introducing a higher end IEM - the NE-700x. The $65 NE-700x bring great sound and tough as nails construction that I've been looking for. I've had mine for about a month so it's hard to comment on their long term durability (but my experience with the NE-6's says they'll last).
  8. Nachash
  9. HerkFE
    Senneheiser CX680's - Kevlar reinforced cables, sweat and water resistant buds, ear hooks that keep the phones in while running. They don't isolate very well but they sound good and feel very comfortable. They have low microphonics and have been on sale for about 60% off their MSRP the past couple weeks.
  10. extinguish
    hje900? the shell is really hard to break and you can change the cable if it's broken
  11. KKees
    I know this is an old thread but still I would advise against the klipsch rugged. This guy swears against them.. Which is sad cus the s4 are great but aren't durable enough.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls6cOgT40jk
  12. Phuqit
    SkullCandy 50/50s are as good sounding as the Klipsch, but cheaper and more durable. Three size choices for earbuds packed with them, and an inobtrusive soft case that's small and round. $50 means you can buy two in different colors.

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