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Recabling services needed in UK (RS1/MTPC)

  1. MrD
    A couple of my headphones require recabling or retermination, and although they should be fairly straightforward jobs for someone who vaguely knows what they're doing (ie not me), I'd rather pay someone else for peace of mind, especially as I'm thinking of selling one or both pairs (obviously I'll advertise them as as having been repaired). Is there anyone in the UK who could maybe take this on for an appropriate fee, or point me towards somewhere that might offer the service I require?

    The first, which should be the easier of the two, is a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Coppers in need of retermination. I say should be easier because I've tested them with a new 3.5mm plug (no soldering, just the wires held clumsily in place), and no matter how much coaxing I do, I can't quite get the right channel to the same level as the left. The strands are somewhat thin and delicate, so I'm hoping they just need stripping back a bit further and/or attaching with solder rather than there being a problem further upstream, so having an expert eye cast over it would be much appreciated.

    Secondly, and more importantly, I have some Grado RS-1s (button, no serial no. that I can see) where the right channel cable became frayed and eventually separated on either side of the Y-splitter. I can get these to full strength by holding the contacts together, so mercifully there's no need to break into the housing, but I'm not sure if it's possible to repair them in as incongruous a way as possible without splicing a whole new cable in on both sides just below the earcup, or whether even that's a plausible option.

    I'm looking to keep costs as low as possible on the MTPCs, whereas with the Grados, being something much more valuable and special, I'm willing to spend whatever's necessary, at least if I'm selling (otherwise I might just do my own functional if ugly repair). Thanks for any suggestions...
  2. obobskivich
    I know that Grado will do re-cable/repair in-house, and they also authorize people to do this recable service as well. I'd say just contact them and ask for their advice - they are generally very nice to deal with. Worst case scenario they'll say ship'em back to Brooklyn, best case they'll have an approved dealer near you that can perform the operation. I think a full refurbishment for an RS-1 is still under $100, plus shipping.

    Question on the MPTC - aren't those one of the Monster 'phones that have the lifetime warranty?
  3. Mad Max
    For a headphone model that's not supposed to be sold overseas to begin with?  I doubt that.
    With Alessandros it would make sense, I think.  He could always try his luck by calling it an MSPro in that case.  =p
    Yes, the MTPC have a lifetime warranty, but it depends on how he got them.
  4. obobskivich
    Grado are fine being sold overseas...no idea where you got the idea they weren't...(perhaps you're thinking of the "dealer export restrictions" they place on American distributors - they don't allow an American dealer (like J&R, for example) to sell overseas, but they have authorized dealers in Europe, Japan, Australia, etc).
  5. MrD
    Thanks everyone for the replies, I was informed of an EU-based company via PM who I'm awaiting a quote on for the Grados, but I will also investigate Grado resellers over here. Indeed there's a co.uk website which links to their authorised distributor and also includes a repair enquiries section - probably should've checked for that first, and sounds a very good place to start looking.
    Grado's own rates sound very reasonable but to send them internationally I'll be subject to import tax and VAT on the full declared value (I think), which is going to make things substantially more expensive, that's if they'd even accept them from abroad to begin with.
    Regarding the MTPCs, I have to admit I hadn't considered the possibility that the warranty might be more than a couple of years. I don't have proof of purchase myself but may still be in a position to track the original owner down (far too long and complicated a story to relate here). Assuming that doesn't work out I'm still interested in suggestions, Max has already offered his services but I'd rather keep it closer to home if I can.
  6. obobskivich
    Why would you be taxed on something you already own? Sounds bizarre to me. I'd say contact your local post office and ask about that just to be certain.
  7. negramurcia
    Forza Audio dude..

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