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Feb 15, 2019
Aug 7, 2012
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100+ Head-Fier

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Feb 15, 2019
  • About

    Home Cinema (70's American movies)..
    Street Art,Pop Art
    Video Games.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audeze LCD-2 rev 2 (pre Fazor) rosewood (Cardas 4x24 AWG copper Litz,Full Balanced 3 pins,Forza AudioWorks Copper Series HPC Mk2).
    HiFiMAN HE-300 rev 3.(Hamlet 4X24 AWG copper,Furutech FP-704 conector).
    Grado GS1000i (G and L cushions) (SOLD).
    Sennheiser HD-25 1 ii (Cardas 4x24 AWG copper Litz) (TRADED).
    Custom IEM Earsonics EM3PRO (Forza AudioWorks Copper Series IEM Mk2).
    IEM Earsonics ES3
    IEM Earsonics SM2 V2.
    IEM Heir Audio 5.0 (SOLD)
    IEM Westone UM3x (SOLD).
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schiit Mjolnir.
    Violectric V200 HPA (TRADED).
    Alo Audio Rx-MK3b.
    Alo Audio Rx
    Alo Audio National.
    Alo Audio International.
    Burson HA-160. (SOLD)
    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA ( 1A AHP Fuse) (SOLD).
    Rudistor RP5.1(Mullard Tubes) (SOLD).
    Neco Soundlab V3 DUAL AMP (op amp AD8610\627\2227) (SOLD).
    iBasso D10 (TopFligth Topkit) (SOLD).
    Ray Samuel Audio RP51 (SOLD).
    Ray Samuel Audio F35 Lightning (SOLD).
    Objective 2 (SOLD)
    CMoy (Texas Instruments Opamp 2227)
    Source Inventory:
    Audio-GD NFB 17.32 (TCXO upgrade).
    Cypher Labs Algorhythm -DB.
    Musical Fidelity M1 DAC A (HPA 1A Fuse).
    Hifiman Hm-650 IEM & Power II card.
    Rwak100s (SOLD).
    iBasso DX50 (SOLD).
    Ipad 2018.
    New iPad (3G).
    iPhone 6s plus 64gb.
    iPhone 4s (SOLD).
    iMod DIY 5.5G 240GB (RockBox) (SOLD).
    iRiver HP120 (RockBox) (SOLD).
    iPod NANO 1G (RockBox).
    Cowon S9 32GB (SOLD).
    Cable Inventory:
    Hamlet Cardas 4x24 AWG copper Litz,mini XLR 4,Full Balanced 3 pins.
    Forza AudioWorks Audeze Copper Series HPC Mk2.
    Forza AudioWorks Copper Series IEM Mk2.
    Foza AudioWorks Copper Series ICL Mk2.
    Forza AudioWorks Copper rsa balanced to rsa balanced.
    ChrisHimself IEM Pure Silver cable,viablue 3.5 conector (SOLD).
    Hamlet Titania 4X24 AWG copper XLR female and XLR male.
    Hamlet Titania 4X24 AWG copper RCA.
    iLod Qable (copper) (SOLD).
    Wireworld USB Ultraviolet (Type A plug to Type B)
    LaCie Flat USB (Type A plug to Type B)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Bose Accoustimass 10 IV.
    Denon AVR-1911.
    SteelSeries 800 (H-Wireless).
    Music Preferences:
    Hip Hop
    Reggae (oldies)
    House (French Touch)
    Movie Soundtrack
    Bowen Designs Statue Marvel.
    Attakus Artefact....
    My HomeBox...
    Culture Indoor....
    Sublimator Vaporizer.
    Storz & Bickel Crafty.


    Headphone:Audeze LCD-2 rev3\HifiMAN HE-300 rev3
    IEM:Custom Earsonics EM3PRO\ES3\SM2 v2 (earmolds)
    Amp:Schiit Mjolnir\Alo Audio Rx-MK3b\Alo Audio Rx\Alo Audio National\Alo Audio International
    Source:Audio-GD NFB 17.32 (TCXO upgrade)\Cypher Labs Algorhythm -DB\Musical Fidelity M1 dac A
    DAP:Hifiman HM-650 (micro sd 128gb)\iPod Nano 1G.
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