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Reasonably priced over-ear headphones for the gym?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by futurepocket, Feb 1, 2013.
  1. futurepocket
    I'm looking to get the ATH-M50's because I keep hearing so many good things about them from around the forums, but I can't find any information on whether they'd be able to perform well at the gym. My main concern is that non-durable headphones can't put up with that kind of "abuse".
    I had a pair of Klipsch Image S4's which I replaced quite a few times since one side kept dying out so not getting those again. I think over the ear would be better for getting lost in the music at the gym and I won't have to worry about in-ear's falling out consistently.
    So, can anyone recommend a pair of headphones from the list of TOP headphones on headfi that will be good for the gym if not the ATH m50's?
    As for the sound, I don't really care about bass heavy headphones but there should be a considerable amount of bass for songs that do have bass. What's more important to me is a good amount of bass with sound clarity and possibly a good frequency range so I can really hear everything.
    I was also looking at Superlux HD-668 B but say Superlux HD-681 for even cheaper on Amazon, these are definitely affordable, are they good for the gym?
  2. MadMolly
    Get a pair of IEM's designed for sports use, like the monster isport.  Lol, I've never seen any one at the gym with over/one ear headphones.  I couldn't imagine using the M50's while working out.  Assuming your moving around a lot it definitely wouldn't be practical, even if they could stay on your head from all the sweat that would build up around your ears... nasty, the cable would be annoying too.  Seriously just stick to IEMs if your gonna be using these at mainly at the gym.
  3. Hulksmashu
    IEMS are super over priced lol there are a couple of pairs u can use There are headphones that hook over your ear sweet proof Dre beats 75-100, there are Ironman headphones for triathlon runners there like 20-50. i use jaybird wireless headphones payed 100 there awesome and water proof. hope this helps
  4. supercollider
    + 1 for the iSport.  I bought a pair a few months ago, and they are awesome. Waterproof (and washable), stay in your ear, and have a sound signature that is perfect for working out (i.e. bass heavy). If you don't care about integration with your phone and have no qualms about appearing to support a certain disgraced athlete, I would suggest the yellow livestrong edition (~$50).
  5. extrabigmehdi
    ksc75 are definitely intended for gym, and sound decent , sorry if they are not enough expensive.
    If you  want more bass ( actually mid-bass), the pmx680 can be surprising.

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