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Rational reasons to love vinyl

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by safulop, Jun 21, 2015.
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  1. Smousesme
    Unfortunately I don't, my dad used to be big on hi fi but he had to sell all of his stuff because of family commitments. R.I.P to all audio set ups that have died that way. But none of my mates are into this type of thing and no family members have a turntable :/ The main reason why I have a few vinyls are for collection purposes, it's just getting a rip would have been a bonus. I know of a service anyway it's just that it's £8 for each side of the LP so I think I may give it a miss
  2. LorandCz
    The way I see vinyl today, it is just a fancy for many people. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love vinyl. I have my own humble collection of some modern, some classic slabs of wax. 
    As for the sound, the warm and clean sound you get on vinyl, is nothing more than the failing of technology. I have read an article somewhere on the internet at one point (or maybe it was a documentary? sorry, I can't give a link so don't take it literally) in which it was stated that the frequency levels and the compression rate were lower on vinyl because otherwise the grooves on the wax would affect the needle, making it to jump out and damage the dist and the listening experience.
    I may be wrong about this but it was a really good technological impairment if you ask me. 
  3. CanadianMaestro
    ^  Probably the one and only audio "defect" that produced euphonic sound that seduced many.
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  4. castleofargh Contributor

    the only one, with tube amps, unfiltered NOS DACs, and headphones ^_^
  5. CanadianMaestro

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  6. jcx
    dynamic compression began long before digital, vinyl releases do get heavily processed, audible heavy compression effects in Rock in particular became the norm for some instruments
    in analog, mastering for vinyl the compression has to be smoothed, the high frequency content generated by compression rolled off to prevent mistracking
    the "new" problem with digital processing is the ability to have full bandwidth and amplitude everywhere below Nyquist - with a hard clipping level a 0 dB full scale that allows much sharper corners, many modern Loudness War CD track's waveforms are indistinguishable from hard clipping
  7. Sal1950
    Almost 4 years old, can't believe I never saw it before. That's a classic and truer today than it was in 2011
  8. Sal1950
    It is sad, the compression used in the vinyl days was done out of necessity due to the technical weaknesses of vinyl technology.
    Now in the digital days when the specs have improved ten fold and we could have recordings with as wide a dynamic range as desired, the demands of the market place and power of the bean counters have forced engineers to make recordings that are much more dynamically crippled than they were over 60 years ago.
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  9. BeatsWork
    I cannot hear "deformation of the sound waves caused by the motion of a mosquito's wings somewhere in the room" but the fleas farting on my neighbors dog are driving me insane!
  10. reginalb
    The comments on that led me to Machina Dynamica, and even a 6moons review of one of their products: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/machinadynamica2/ib.html
    Is that serious? It's an LED connected to a battery in a wooden box...then Googling, I found a thread right in Sound Science here where someone else was raving about all of the idiots that don't understand these great products. I think he was serious? Machina Dynamica seems to be a pretty transparent joke, yet people believe it. I think I'm going to go in to the high end audio gear business. I'm pretty sure I could buy a bunch of old Clip+, install rockbox, but skin it so that it looked different and put them inside a slightly cooler looking case. Then market them against Astell&Kern devices, but at the totally affordable price of like $900 and make a killing. My second device would use a Fuze+ for the fancier screen.
  11. RRod
    "It does give us a viable off-line device to enhance optical discs by means of photon treatment - at a price."
  12. BeatsWork
    Careful [​IMG]  There was a fun thread mocking the most outrageous examples of ah ....  "Devices of questionable performance to price ratio" and it got shut down [​IMG]
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