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Rational reasons to love vinyl

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by safulop, Jun 21, 2015.
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  1. psygeist
    That makes sense.
  2. CanadianMaestro
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  3. old tech



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  4. psygeist
    I applied there for MS (AI) and in Edin too. Nice to see the reference from there.
    Asked to defer admit in Edin for following year. Will apply in German and Canadian universities. I hope to get into TUM or UOT.
    I did a spectrogram screencap of MJ's Dangerous Vinyl Pack.
    24 bit 5011kbp FLAC 250 MB
    Peaks go well until 96KHz. Not shown in the image.
    Do you guys hear any difference when you clip it to 22KHz ? I couldn't pick any subtle nuances. My setup is listed in my signature.
  5. CanadianMaestro

    U of Toronto is great. Go for it!
  6. RRod
    The volume at which I put to pot to hear tones at even 17 and 18kHz makes a tone at 1kHz like a laser into my brain stem.
  7. chahooa
    I clean all my records. It helps much of the time. Some new records are just pressed poorly. I use vinyl, CD, and other digital about evenly. I probably enjoy vinyl the most, but couldn't care less what format is superior. I definitely have digital that I prefer over some vinyl of the same album.
  8. Smousesme
    Just bought  a vinyl of my favourite artist's new album for cheap cause why not? I heard about how vinyl can sound better depending on the album plus I'm planning to be moving in with a friend in the future and it would be nice to have some vinyls on for display. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good vinyl ripping service based in the UK. I've found one, however it will cost me £8 for each side of the vinyl and with 2lp albums it'll cost £32 for a possible sound improvement which I can't bring myself to pay. I live in the UK btw, thanks in advance
  9. poikkeus
    "Rationial" reasons, right?
    Assuming that a CD is mastered properly - which isn't always the case - a CD will last longer, be easier to process, and can have a more accurate sound. That's the rational argument.
    But "rational" doesn't equate with "music" all the time. There's a special thrill to having a record, with its own artwork, and vinyl can have its own warmth. 
  10. CanadianMaestro
    ^^ A vinyl ripping service? Why?
    Just buy the CD to start with. Saves a ton of money.
  11. Smousesme

    I've got the CD already, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good and decently priced vinyl ripping service so I can get that ripped and see if there's a notable difference and then I want to rip a few vinyl singles ( if the price is worth it ) as they have songs on there that aren't available elsewhere
  12. chahooa
    I might check out a forum that is pro-vinyl for that. You'll have better luck with helpful responses. You might search on Steve Hoffman's forum.
  13. old tech
    Why not try doing the needle drops yourself?  There's not a great deal in it and the soft/hardware is quite cheap these days, and most PCs have a CD burner.  Plus you have full quality control.
    Have a read of the relevant section on this site for a few pointers.
  14. Smousesme

    Thanks for the suggestion but I haven't got the space for it and if were to have it then I would solely be using it to rip vinyls so I may aswel try and find a service that can do it. Thanks for the suggestion though
  15. old tech
    Do you have a relative or friend with a decent turntable?
    Your profile doesn't say where you are from.  If you are in the UK, give John a call at the link provided.  He'd be happy to help you and perhaps recommend someone who provides the service you are looking for.
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