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The Bank Job 7.5/10

Pretty good. The story's a bit absurd, but everything flows nicely.
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Watched the HK R3 this evening and it was good, though more of a children's film than a standard martial arts Stephen Chow film of the past. The boy (actually played by a 9 year old girl!!!), playing his son was good, as was the other children and I recognised a couple of other actors that had been in previous Chow films, but no Ng Man Tat sadly. Oh, the main female actor had strange ears!

There was some homage to Chow's previous films, such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle and the CGI of CJ7 was very impressive. I'd say it was a combination of ET, Batteries Not Included & Gremlins.

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"Number 23" [8.1/10]: I watched this movie before. I thought that I would watch it again this weekend. There's something that I can't put my finger on that I like about this movie. I like Jim Carey in a serious role. I guess the premise of the story fascinates me. However, the story and my interest fades as the movie progresses. A little too long or something.
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"Snatch" - Classic Comedy! It takes 7 times of watching to truly appreciate it. There is a lot more going on than you really think!
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Forbidden Kingdom
Fun fight scenes, cheesy plot and Jackie Chan cracking jokes

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I saw Persepolis the other day with my daughter. It was dark and sad.
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Not perfect, but very good IMO.
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The Forbidden Kingdom : 7/10

Lot of fun. Good way to kill two hours.
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Originally Posted by wanderman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I watched king kong, I really didn't mind it.

I liked this a lot. Though it's too long. Better if split up in episodes probably --for Saturday afternoons. I think it did badly, didn't it? Not sure why, cause there's much that's great in it. I find Naomi Watts face mezmerising.
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Originally Posted by Kirosia /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Pretty good. The story's a bit absurd, but everything flows nicely.

It's based on a true story. Yeah, emphasize the "based." I'll give it a 6/10. Perhaps more of a 5 but c'mon the opening scene was good for a point. My little bro gave it a 9. I think he's still excited to legally enter R movies.
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Finally, I got around to watching a movie again. And the wait was worth it.

Junebug: 8.5/10. Amy Adams' performance alone is well worth the watch. She truly is an amazing actress. The movie itself is magical in its awkwardness. Did you see the The Office episode with Michael's dinner party? Imagine that awkwardness, but then tenfold. Still, the film is very endearing as well and, while sentimental, not too overly dramatic. Recommended.

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