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Homicide New York - 7/10

This is a new crime documentary series on Netflix.
Each episode covers a single case and it's not very in depth at all.
There is really nothing this series does that's above average in any way.
I did finish each episode. I actually fell asleep during the final episode (rare for me!) and I had to watch it again.

I myself prefer the crime documentaries that cover a single crime and then it's covered in length the entire series.
Or at the least least, covers more than one episode.

One of the best is "Don't *** with Cats". I also loved the Manhunt series. One is about hunting down the Unabomber.
"Confession Tapes" is also amazing. But that deals with coerced confessions to something a person didn't do.

Netflix should pick up every season of "Cold Case Files". Those were pretty great but they only added Season 2!

PS Currently watching the reality series Physical: 100 Season 2. Every bit as bad as season 1.
If you think the idea of watching someone carry heavy bags of dirt for an hour is fun, you'd love this!
It's quite sad that the most entertaining part is seeing people compete for the number of pull ups one could do in one minute.
I think someone did 41 or 43! The world record is 51!
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Renegade nell 2024 Disney +

Period piece with fantasy superhero element, well that should be puff-able, and largely it is. Don’t overanalyze or frankly apply much scrutiny but frolic in a gruel that’s not hot nor cold. 3.75 puffs out of 5
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Physical: 100 (Season 2) - 5/10

In this competitive reality series, 100 of the most physically fit men and women compete in events.
There's a massive ton of filler material in here and the entire show is not very entertaining.
One thing I have to point out is that the women in the show had such a huge unfair disadvantage.
I mean how would you have a chance at winning versus all these guys that look like the incredible hulk (no joke)?
You know what would be cool to see? An all female version of the same show!
They did it for the reality show "Siren: Survive the Island", so why not here?

The way they made the show is just annoying. Lots of repeated shots, dialogue etc.

I doubt many have seen it, but the Squid Game Reality show was pretty good.
I actually hope they make a season 2.

If I was a billionaire i'd pay for more seasons of The Ultimate Beastmaster. Only 3 were made for Netflix.
The show is sort of a slow burn and takes awhile to get going, but by the end there is a lot of suspense.
The announcers kinds of ruin the show in many ways though. They were so obnoxious.
The series for me was good enough to watch twice.

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The gentlemen 2024 net flix

Guy Ritchie heck yes, the flick bleeds lock stock and barrels of weed, Ritchie style. Strap in for a twisted fun ride down inheritance lane, to drug operations unforeseen murders and diversions from sub society in the jungle. 4 quality bud puffs out of 5
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The gentlemen 2024 net flix

Guy Ritchie heck yes, the flick bleeds lock stock and barrels of weed, Ritchie style. Strap in for a twisted fun ride down inheritance lane, to drug operations unforeseen murders and diversions from sub society in the jungle. 4 quality bud puffs out of 5

Movie was great, i think the series is even better.
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irish wish 2024 net fix

ok took one for the team and watched some botox ginger so you don't have too. look i like rom coms or more so the idea of a good rom com to counter a blitz of dystopia and meta humans etc out there. im still looking, although i suppose there's worse, 3 out of 5.
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What Jennifer Did - 8/10

(new Netflix documentary)
If you like crime documentaries and don't have time for a series, this one is perfect. It's one episode.
Not going to say if she did or didn't do it. Let's just say that someone who seems incapable of crime in their life can do very evil things.
Even when they are not carrying out an actual murder themselves.
You know how some parents are excessive control freaks and want to have a say in everything their children do even when they are responsible teenagers?
Here the parents may have been right and did the right thing. Maybe there were warning flags that nobody ever saw.

It's amazing how many criminals commit crimes and leave traces of it all over their cell phone. How stupid can you get?
Reminds me of the criminals who flee from police and still have their cell phone on them or buy stuff with their credit card while on the run.

Also have to say that in this documentary the convicted person claims they are innocent. It's possible, but it seems like they have way more than enough evidence. I don't even know if there was a money trail. There are lots of text messages plus surveillance videos. They also did wire taps.

It's also amusing how every interrogator also says they want to help you! An innocent person can be coerced to admit to crimes they didn't do if they're under a lot of stress. It seems to happen a lot to people with low intelligence or younger people. One of the best documentaries about this is "The Confession Tapes". Pretty amazing series.
In the series "When They see us" one kid was coerced into a confession because he thought he would be able to go home and it would all be over. No lawyer was even present and even the parents were not notified right away.
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Fallout (episode 1) - 5/10

OK, this will be the first and ONLY rating based on one episode.
This looked pretty good visually, but it's like they spent their entire budget on set designs and visual effects.
The entire episode has such weak character development. None of the acting is really good and none of it's characters have any real personality at all.
The best thing I could say to describe this episode is just "bland and generic".
Somehow they forgot to make this feel realistic...and you know, maybe make it fun to watch?
Fallout 3 even in the early scenes was so much fun and even had some funny parts.
Like the robot destroying the birthday cake and punching Butch for trying to steal my sweet roll.
Was always fun to shoot dad with your BB gun too instead of posing for a birthday photo.
I am never an evil character in games, but sometimes it can be fun.

At the 45 minute mark I was so bored and was disappointed it still had quite a ways to go before it was over.

The scene with the ghoul was also incredibly dark. My TV is calibrated fine. Why do they do this?
Could barely see a thing.

The Brotherhood of Steel parts were pretty decent. The acting? Not so much.

Something seriously wrong when Fallout 3 has better acting (voice) than the actual TV series.
I miss all the interesting characters like Moira Brown, Three Dog, Lucas Simms etc.
Some of them had the same voice actors, but still managed to all be unique enough.
Moira Brown too is such an amusing character. Always positive despite you getting radiation sickness and investigating an area filled with land mines for her.
Did you know you could blow up Megaton and she'd still be around? She turns into a "ghoul" (developers had a sick sense of humor!).

This review is also coming from a huge Fallout 3 fan! I've probably hit 1000+ hours in that game.

You know who would have been great at making a Fallout TV series?
Neill Blomkamp (District 9). Give him lots of creative control and it would have been amazing.

The series needs to be more character driven. What we have here isn't even remotely like that.
Even the survival aspect seems to be totally missing in episode 1.
Sure there is a raider attack (which is very poorly made), but that's it.

Hopefully it improves.

PS Episode 1 is free on FreeVee (didn't see any ads).
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So I just finished watching Smokin' Aces and I'm speechless....what a piece of $hit of a movie it was..Crappy dialogue, crappy pacing, and mind-numbingly stupid plot. Joe Carnahan just lost all the respect he gained with Narc.

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This one looks promisable Joker: Folie à Deux” (2024)
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Unlocked: A Jail Experiment - 7.5/10

New Netflix reality series about an experiment to run jails differently. Due to overcrowding and not enough guards, some jails have had to have 23 hour lockdowns.
Here they decide to do a test and allow them to have all cell doors open with no guards present. They will slowly give them more freedom.
They will still be monitored 24/7. It's up to the prisoners to not cause any problems and make the new system work. It's a test for just 6 weeks.
They have to hold each other accountable and make sure nothing bad happens or the experiment is over.
Most of the show is pretty chaotic and just due to this it's hard to sit through. It's really a chore to get through some early episodes.
I can't say it's all that entertaining, but is educational. I'm glad I watched it.
Crazy how they said in the series that before the test that nearly 50% of the prisoners ended up coming back.
Something seriously wrong there. This wasn't even a for-profit prison AFAIK.

The Thin Blue Line - 4/10

Sorry, I know this got some great reviews but I found it to be one of the most boring documentaries i've ever seen.
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Heart of stone 2023 Netflix

Ok I like gal gadot in anything but was skeptical of the whole femme fatale execution. Well regardless there are 5 legit executed fight/ stunt/car scenes, cgi or no, in this schlock. For that alone, it gets 3.75 puffs out of 5.

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