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  Τhe Shining (by Stanley Kubrick)

12/10 (1 point for every time i have seen it)

Greatest movie of all times. Kub is a GENIUS.

i need to rewatch that.have you seen [color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.870588)]Paths of Glory by K.Came out in 1957[/color]
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  i need to rewatch that.have you seen [color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.870588)]Paths of Glory by K.Came out in 1957[/color]

yeah , great movie although kub was constantly upping his game 
shining / barry lyndon / 2001 / full metal jacket are my top-4 from him (and clockwork to make it top-5)
but the shining is the perfect movie , imo - direction/acting/storytelling/atmosphere. it has everything
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 8/10
Good to finally see the director's cut on the big screen. Spielberg presents a defiantly optimistic take on contact - I'd go as far as to call it utopian - but it's a strange paradox that the darker his films have become since Close Encounters, the more mawkishly sentimental they've become as well. Compared with the cringe-worthy ending to War of the Worlds, the end of this one seems quite progressive. I think it would have been better had the aliens been left entirely to the imagination though; the smiling grey is a bit lame - a kind of proto-ET in plasticine. Elsewhere the effects hold up well and still have the power to wow. Visually, the film is very striking.
Quite interesting stylistic choices from Spielberg - there's a level of naturalism he achieves through the rhythms of characters' speech and the way that there are often several conversations going on at the same time, with characters talking over one another and often competing for screen time with all kinds of background noise. A lot of the action is unexpected too - particularly the scene where Richard Dreyfuss does a spot of guerilla gardening and landscapes his living room. It's an unacknowledged tragedy of the film that as far as his wife is concerned he simply goes insane and forsakes his family, but her story is ultimately incidental to Neary's role as space tourist and ambassador of the human race.
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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Behghazi         5/10
Watchable enough effort to retell a true story, if you can stomach Michael Bay attempting to be Ridley Scott with a Little Eastwood thrown in.  Bay's "me too" approach lacks the immediacy of Blackhawk Down and takes all the worst ideas of American Sniper and wraps it up into a package with B listers and a lot of SFX to compensate. In his efforts to lionize the mercenarys (hey thats how the service's see them) he manages to completely miss the point  of why an installation of that import in such a hot zone was left to a half dozen hired hands.
 You get action. Internet calls home to show how involved these guys are with their families and the whole apple pie treatment. You get the evil station manager who screws everything up and wont listen to the macho dudes who know what they are doing. You get shots of the He Men working out under the hot sun (Joel Schumacher must have loved this one) And you really get a feel for what a half dozen guys, stepping into an ocean of hurt can really do.
 Ultimately I was left with the simple thought of why did this happen in the first place. It was a recipe for disaster from the get go and Bay really tries to lay it all off on the US Military who were completely unaware of the installation to begin with. Not surprising when you get a call from a person completely unknown claiming to be under attack at a base that is unknown that you would be a wee bit hesitant to commit assets to a rescue.
 The real failure here is the State Department and the CIA for not even bothering to inform anyone of the existence. Tragic was the fact that the He Men had implemented no IFF system for the Libyan troops they were working with so when push came to shove they had no clue who was a friendly and who was an enemy.  A simple phrase of  the day password would have saved a lot of lives there.
 Rainy Sunday afternoon fare.
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Dracula - 7/10
Certainly a horror classic and probably, for some, the definitive screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel. I'm a bit less effusive.The ending especially, is abrupt and anti-climactic. Bela Legosi as Dracula has undeniable presence (and that hypnotic stare!) but not really the creepiness or malevolence of Max Schreck's Orlok. For me, Dwight Frye actually steals the show as Renfield; the meek lawyer transformed into a wild-eyed, insect-eating inmate of Dr. Seward's sanatorium.
As always, a Universal monster movie is a slick affair. Rubber bats aside (which seem like a throwback to the silent era and Georges Melies's haunted castle shorts), the world of mists and darkness is evoked with lots of style. The pacing though, is slow and methodical and the script quite prosaic. That said, with such a short runtime, it never drags and it's still a treat to watch a horror icon in an early landmark of the genre.
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Deadpool 6/10.
Okay but strictly directed towards teenagers.
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Endorphine 2015   8/10
 A clever little French Canadian flick, pivoting around the protagonists mother's murder and exploring the essence of perception of time and perception in general. Some interesting film work here but you get some not very interesting film work and the now typical shoegazey soundtrack that the genre seemingly demands. If you liked Primer or Coherence this might be up your alley.
  Oh, there are no religious connotations here that I can determine

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Warcraft movie is an interesting case.
Rotten Tomatoes VS Warcraft movie ( today is 24%, yesterday was 18%) which is turning out into a huge success in international market and also grows into a favorite among audience. What will admin of Rotten Tomatoes do? I remember he ( admin) gave Hardcore Henry positive consensus review but then changed it into negative after lots of negative reviews started to appear.
Another question. Have American reviewers gone too far in judging movies from political correctness point of view? The world of Warcraft is pretty patriarchal. Do you have to bash a movie because it portrays a patriarchal world? They can downgrade a movie just because there is no strong female character or there is not enough people of color or because too much macho energy ( masculinity) on display etc.
BTW watched Warcraft yesterday. Very decent entertainer.
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I read somewhere about a theory that states if you put a film critic alone in an empty room and tell him to watch a movie all by himself, and rate it without opinion from any other film critic he won't know what to write or say.
What I now mostly do when going for some unheard indie movies or even big blockbuster ones are to refer to rotten tomatoes and pick a movie with lower score - possibly in the 5% - 50% region. IMO movies which are considered "decent" by critics often tried to be too different, trying to get as little similarity as possible to other movies which preceeds them and ended up failing to reach beyond their grasp.
On the other hand, I found that there are myriads of perfectly decent movies being rated badly simply because they do not offer something "new". 
One of the last movies I watched quite recently which I enjoyed thoroughly is I Origins (2014). RT score: 53% - good sign.
I'll give it 8/10 - very intriguing idea and concept. Intro is a tad too long, but I guess it was necessary to introduce the whole premise of the concept of its theories.

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  I thought I Origins was abysmal personally. Cheesy as hell. I'd be with any critics who slammed that one.

The Brit Marling factor has me queueing this one up, but as of yet I have shied away from it. Perhaps it is some form of premonitory visual protection. I will slide it down in the queue given your assessment.
Try the Endorphine please, I guarantee no god nor yowie or any other entity intrudes in this one and quite frankly I would dearly love to hear your opinion on this one.
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I always found Brit Marling movies to be quite intriguing (think Another Earth and The East) but yeah, I'll admit that this one is not as strong as those two.
Well, to each his own I guess.

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