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randomly jumping to bottom of page

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by necropimp, Jul 18, 2010.
  1. grokit


    Are you on Windows? I seem to be having the most problems on my Mac. The jumping around problem is consistently screwed up on my Mac, but only happens occasionally on Vista (FF 3.6.7)
  2. hodgjy
    I only have problems using Mac and Firefox.  Mac and Safari, or any other OS and browser combination for that matter, give me no problem.

  3. RipRapRob

    Yeah, I'm on Windows 7.
    But it looks like part of the URL of the script (the number) has changed (maybe it changes per session or user or something) so now the JavaScript I have to block is this:


    So, it looks like that's was why I could post. Now I've made a custom rule in AdBlock to block the script no matter the number-part of the URL:


    That should fix the problem for now, and I'll just have to disable AdBlock when I want to post, until they fix the problem I guess.
    Sorry for the confusion, grokit!
  4. 3602
    Using Firefox (most recent version) on XP SP3, same problem. What now, back to NoScript?
  5. grokit
    Safari is better in this area, but the "reply" box has serious issues where the margins get screwed up. Another lose-lose situation with the Huddler back-end. I haven't been able to find anything that works well in all areas, TBH. Using no-script is only good if you don't want to contribute, it makes posting impossible now. And the admins aren't even weighing in anymore, compounding the perception(s) of the problem(s). Huddler probably sucks for them too.
  6. krmathis Contributor
    Last bug report or issue renowned is from May 6th.
    A real shame really, but guess that is what we get when money is more important than happy "customers".
    My contribution ($$) is overdue (more than 12 months since last one), and I certainly do not intent to contribute again.
  7. grokit
    Hopefully they're making up for lost contributions with new advertising revenue derived from demographic profiling. You would have to assume that something is working correctly.
  8. jjmai
    This is getting annoying.  Whenever I go to other pages of a thread, it just scrolls to the bottom of a page.
    It may be useful for threads you are subscribed to, in order to see the latest post, but it really bugs me when I am reading a new thread.
    I am using firefox 3.6.8 on Win XP.
  9. grokit
    It definitely appears to be random, as it doesn't happen on all threads now.
  10. Towert7
    This happens to me as well.  Actually it happened when I came to this very post.
    It is quite annoying, and confusing.

  11. grokit
    Between this issue and the dysfunctional search engine, this "new and improved" Head-fi has become something of a joke, from a technical POV anyways.
  12. krmathis Contributor
    Still happens every single time over here...
    Regardless if I click the thread title which should take me to the first post on page 1, or the last post which should take me to the threads last post.
  13. ghettocoolie
    Not to beat the dead horse, but this is happening to me enough that I had to go search for a thread on this and found that I have company in my misery.
  14. hodgjy
    Ya, the worst part is when you search for individual posts, it still bumps you down to the end of the thread, so it's harder to find the specific post you're looking for.
  15. krmathis Contributor
    To me the worst part is that no admins acknowledge the regression, let alone fix it!
    The list of known issues and feature requests have not been updated since May 6th...
    Go figure! [​IMG]

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