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randomly jumping to bottom of page

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by necropimp, Jul 18, 2010.
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  1. grokit
    This issue appears to be pretty much resolved, at least on my Mac and PC/Vista. It was jumping to the bottom consistently whenever I would click on a page link, and was doing it inconsistently when clicking on a link to a subscribed thread from my home page; now the link seems to be taking me to the correct place regularly. Thanks to the mods, or admins, or Huddler, or Jude, or all or none of the above... hope it stays fixed.
    Gotta give credit when it's due[​IMG]
  2. hodgjy
    Still does it on my Mac with Firefox.  My other Mac with Safari works fine.  Very annoying.
  3. grokit
    Weird, I use Firefox on both platforms, maybe yours will start working better soon [​IMG]
  4. Hero Kid
    Still does it to me on my Mac running Firefox. However it doesn't happen on my Windows 7 PC running Firefox...
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    It's also doing it to me with a Mac on Firefox.
  6. krmathis Contributor
    Still does it for me as well, every single time! Camino on Mac OS X 10.6.3
    Damn, this is annoying!
    Just tested and surprise, surprise it sure does seem to be fixed. I do not cheer until I have tested a bit more though.
  7. Todd R Contributor
    It didn't do it today (so far)
    Mac using Firefox
  8. hodgjy
    Holy crap, you're right!

  9. RipRapRob
    Seems to work here too. FF on Win7.
  10. Hero Kid
    It's now working like it should on my iMac with Firefox. [​IMG]
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