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randomly jumping to bottom of page

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by necropimp, Jul 18, 2010.
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  1. necropimp
    when i click on a thread or click "next" on multi page threads sometimes it loads the page then jumps to the last post of the page
    it's somewhat random but EXTREMELY annoying
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  2. krmathis Contributor
    Yeah, several of us experience the same issue.
  3. Hero Kid
    Yeah I'm lucky being on a MacBook and having the ability to three finger swipe to get to the top of the page. If I was on my PC I'd shoot myself and this forum ...
  4. Maxvla Contributor
    Sign me up for this complaint, except replace the 'sometimes' with every time.
  5. Hero Kid
    I've just sat down at my PC and noticed I don't experience the problem anymore. Hmm I'll investigate further.
    That happened to me once.
  7. hodgjy
    X2.  Very annoying.  At first I thought it was a preference (like on other forums), but I see no option to disable it.

  8. Gabbuhh
    I was about to start a thread about this issue if I didn't see this. For me everytime I click on a new thread link, it automatically transports me to the last post.
  9. RipRapRob
    I have the same problem, using FireFox 3.6.6 on Windows 7.

    Disable JavaScript, and the problem goes away. Re-enable JavaScript and the problem returns.

    Guess I could use NoScript to disable scripts on Head-Fi.org...
  10. gimbertt
    I thought it was a computer issue but I have had it happen on three computers.
  11. RipRapRob
    Did a little more digging.

    Seems like it's this JavaScript that causes the problem:


    If I block it, the problem goes away.
    Anyone experiencing the problem care to try to block this script, and see if that solves the problem (you can block it i AdBlock or NoScript).
  12. krmathis Contributor
    ^ Aha, that sure seem to be the culprit.
    Sure hope they fix it, as with all the other regressions. I am getting really tired of this forum software.
  13. Hero Kid
    @ RipRapRob - Thank you so much! I still think it should be fixed but the temporary fix will be a god send.
    Hang on... by blocking it I can't post? :/
  14. grokit
    X2, This really sucks!!!

    When I disable the "yahooapis" script, the page link takes me to the right post or the top of the page like it's supposed too, but then the "quote" button stops working, the "clear" button jumps me to the top of the page, and I can't even post, hitting "submit" just jumps me to the top too!

    I like Head-fi, but this Huddler back end is a bunch of cr@p!

    BTW, Firefox 3.6.7 on Mac 10.6.4, all up to date.
    Why so many problems??? It just never ends with this new site...

  15. RipRapRob


    If you see this, I can post with the script blocked.
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