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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. travis-bickle
    soundstage and imaging is negligible because it just have to playback those of the prir. in terms of bass i've read that the more you have the driver parallel and closer to the ear canal the better the performance gets.
  2. GuyForkes
    I use a 100w kt120 push-pull amp to drive the SR1a. I listen at slightly more than half the volume pot and its more than loud enough and sounds great. FWIW, I'd pick a 100w tube amp over a ~200w SS amp anyday.
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  3. fredfung28
    Tried Sr1a with the analog domain m75d mk2, I agree that the sound is fast and imaging is excellent. My friend and I both agree that it’s better than abyss with the imaging, but the problem is the energy is too strong which I think it’s too much for headset. Analog domain m75d mk2 has enough power to drive sr1a and I am quite sure that it’s control of sound is very flexible from all the reviews given on the website and I too listen to its higher model to drive speakers like Khama speakers.

    The mid is very silky however still the energy is too strong. In the system it has a very good power conditioner from tripoint and also using the absolue creation Tim reference speaker cable, I am quite sure that the speaker cable is not the cause of too much energy and sound pressure as the cable sound signature is relatively sweet and has good comfortable sound.

    Of course I will try more integrated amp to drive sr1a, but I have to say after trying one movement of symphony orchestra pieces, and I turned to play some pop song, I cannot stay with the sound pressure and energy it has for one more song, I almost get myself feeling very uncomfortable.

    For now, I still prefer abyss and susvara while abyss has a bit less imaging but it gives me a comfortable sound pressure

    For the bass part, I didn’t feel it is that extremely better than abyss 1266 TC while I’m using Vertere Hb double run for it, the bass quantity is less than susvara(we are talking a different system so I don’t know)

    I am impress with its silk mid and great imaging plus the wide soundstage. But I think the layers of instrument is not that well positioned comparing to abyss 1266tc

    Maybe the amp I tried today is not that good comparing to others, however the price of the amp is almost 20000 usd. I can’t think it’s a bad quality one base on it has good reputation in the Hifi world.
  4. Bertel
    I absolutely can relate to that, we're just not used to that dynamic and detailed performance and energy so close to our eardrums. It took me about 3 days to get used to it, now it's completely natural, I love it and wouldn't want to miss that very special quality.

    EDIT: In my case, moderate listening volumes clearly help a natural, relaxed and enjoyable listening experience.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  5. Matez
    Hard for me to tell, never heard them. I'm relying on what was published about those Raal cans at 6moons.com.
  6. fredfung28
    I have to add one more point, the layering of the instruments from sr1a powered by analog domain isis m75d mk2 is not impressive as well... I feel the depth but not having enough position layering of instruments when I listen to classical
    I still get a better layering and positioning of instrument with Tc

    While the imaging is best with sr1a and people tell me to lower the volume for a longer listening time, i tried that but the imaging is not that impressive when I lowered the volume. So... I have to say it might be the amp problem making me not satisfy with sr1a. But I will keep trying, next month will go to Absolare to try their integrated amp signature and find out
  7. Tekunda
    Quite a few owners of the Raal claim these headphones to be really fast, so shouldn't these headphones be better paired with amps which are known for their "speed" like Spectral amps?
    Are there any members who were able to listen to the Raal connected to a fast Spectral amp?
  8. Bertel
    @Zhanming057 has if I remember correctly, his impressions should be further up this thread
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  9. NZtechfreak
    Very surprised that a seller has popped up with these here in NZ, should have a chance to audition them in the next week or two. They have it with the Kinki EX-M1, anyone with any experience with this pairing/comparisons?
  10. exdmd
    There are very good reviews on the best amplifiers for the SR1a's ... by the way the title of this thread needs to be updated (not SR1Ha) ... at Torq's forum here. TL;DR if you are on a budget start with one Schiit Vidar. Gets you 90% of the way there compared to the uber expensive amps. Two Vidars in mono-block mode are more dynamic, even better.
  11. Torq
    Just a clarification ... it's not my forum (I don't run nor own the site). It's part of headphones.com.
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  12. Matez
    This almost skipped me. One of dealers room where you live, or is it yours? I don't know now whether my death due to jealousy is on your shoulders or that distrib's, let me know who to blame :darthsmile:
  13. fredfung28
    It’s the int amp dealer’s place
    What kind of amps is the RAAL connected to? That does look pretty bad@ss.
  15. fredfung28
    It’s analog domain isis m75d, I didn’t connect it to the mono block
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