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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. P.Car

    Burn-in is very real.

    I have yet to find any piece of gear that doesn't change over time, even if it's ever so slight.

    I always burn in my new cans in for at least 250 hours before I do any critical listening. I am thinking at least 150 hours for the SR1A before I make any judgements.

    So far, this headphone is exactly what I was looking for to drive with my 2 channel gear.

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  2. llamaluv
    Oh yea. After some additional overnight pink noise, the jazz percussion in this one track before going off to work are starting to come alive.

    Edit: And macrodynamic speed / slam is now more like I remember from the two previous auditions (ie, well beyond that of any other headphone). I can feel cool air sometimes moving around the edges of my ears.
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  3. protoss
    Can someone tell me if you can rotate the earcups? And is it hard or very easy to find the sweet spot in getting the best sound out of these?

    Can someone post more pictures of these? No beauty shots. Just some raw pictures of pads, chambers, the back and front. the side pads? Also cables shots!

    And what is the better pick? Tube speaker amp or Solid state amp? Maybe even dacs? R2R dacs or the usual suspect dacs?

    Are you guys dust covering them at night? or put them back into the box? Do you keep them plug in all times like what I do with staxs?
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  4. Zhanming057
    They don't rotate off the horizontal axis but they do pivot off the hinge as can be seen in pictures. The sweet spot takes a bit of adjusting, for me it was about 5 minutes of fiddling the first time I had them on, but once you've figured out the setup you can just keep them that way. There are much more detailed pictures on the 6moons review, I didn't take a picture of my cable because it wasn't finalized when I wrote my review.

    Check out my review for a detailed amp by amp breakdown, but you do have to be pretty dedicated to figure out a tube amp that works well for those, I'm not the world's biggest fan of KT88's, but they're actually fairly usable all things considered.

    I have dust covers for my headphones, and I leave them plugged into the box unless I need the speaker amp for something else.
  5. protoss
    I read the 6moon review. Very nice. But is there Anyone that can post raw pictures of these? Any non-bias, non reviewer photos of these cans?

    For some reason there isn't a average normal photos of these? Please dont be embarrass. These do look ridiculous looking. Where are the non beauty shots?
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  6. Bill13
    . I'm also using EQ - apparently boosting the bass a bit and reducing the trebles (IMO conservatively); this seems to subjectively improve the midrange.

    Agree that the burn-in phenomena seems quite real! I use an EQ (now nearly always; current EQ graph attached), and hope my brain can eventually burn-in for both, with & without EQ, - or least get brain to burn-in for listening with different EQ curves.

    Kinda going out on a limb here: To me the perceived improvement since I first got them, almost could be termed 'magical' (?) - for my particular SR1a and brain combo.
    Anyway, surprised how much my listening experience has changed for the better - especially the midrange .. hard to believe, but now IMO my SR1A can even sound pleasantly sweet - maybe even slightly warm - and midrange no longer perceived as 'recessed'.. Of course, other people will naturally have quite different perceptions. My current impression is with EQ.

    My SR1a now bringing back memory of a couple of brief Susvara headphone auditions. I'm now hearing a euphonic (in the best sense of the word) midrange currently listening to Bach Twelve Little Preludes, Halida Dinova, Piano.

    Caveat: IMO, My chord M-scaler is in the playback chain and gives a perceived overall 'huge improvement' in sound quality (yes of course, I know .. YMMV) - still trying to get a handle on the impact of the M-scaler. However, I no longer want listen to music without it in the chain.

    Redscape, current SR1a EQ.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  7. Zhanming057

    Page 6 has images of both the inside of the drivers, the production cable, and the ribbon drivers. They are professionally done but that's it, and they look 100% similar to the pair I have on hand. There's no trickery, that's just what they look like.

    For what it's worth, I also don't overprocess my photos. I have a couple of very good lighting rigs, and my photos are basically what the headphones will look like under the right light.
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  8. protoss
    So how long do these Ribbon Cartridge last?
    For some reason in my mind these cartridge should last over 5 to 10 years. In a sense a life time right?

    I hope its not a 6 to 12 month change? And are the retail version set comes with 2 spare cartridges?

    ... still waiting for those raw pics :sweat:
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  9. Aleksandar R.
    I could bet that this much impact as you described in previous and this post, is from the caps in the amp's PSU, if the amp hasn't been turned on for a while.
    While ribbons need only a few minutes of some juicy R&B track to settle the resonant frequency, which still isn't as audible as much as described, PSU caps need about 2-3 days being turned on, no need to play anything. Bass is getting larger and deeper within one day, while midrange gets sweeter, smoother and clearer (loosing the shrill and grit) after 2-3 days...
    Maybe I'm dead wrong, but what you say is exactly what happens when electrolytic caps get some voltage and temperature.

    Have you managed to find the right fit/comfort?
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  10. Aleksandar R.
    Yes, 5+ years is pretty much our estimate of life expectancy, as well.
    But, they are in the wild from only recently, so we'll see what happens. if there would be a significant departure from the expected reliability, we'll take radical steps to keep our early-adopters as well as our future clients very satisfied with their choice.

    They don't come with spare cartridges, we are that sure about this technology.
    What works against us is low sensitivity and wide variety of available power of the amps that people will use, so we do expects a few mishaps here and there, but all it takes is giving us a call and we'll make sure you walk away happy.

  11. protoss
    @RAAL requisite Alex

    Thank you sir. I like that you will support your early supporters.
    And in theory these ribbons should last well over 5+ years.

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  12. Zhanming057
    From https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/raalrequisite/6/



    This is about as raw as it gets. I don't know what you're expecting in terms of "raw" images? This is the more pliable version of the cable if I'm not mistaken, and the updated version of the supplied banana plugs.

    If there's a specific detail you'd like to see, I'll post some original out-of-camera shots here.
  13. Aleksandar R.

    I can't explain you how glad I am that they are slowly creeping under your skin!
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  14. protoss
    Raw pictures meant personal pictures of you holding and dissecting them for us to see the inside and out from not review posts. I wanted to see up close and personal at this thing. But never mind. Its all good.

    My Example,
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  15. Aleksandar R.
    Pro, we're here to stay. As many years you would want to listen to SR1a, that many years we will support you in ways that were not known before in this niche of audio industry. Internet remembers everything, so I'm not saying this lightly.
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