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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. Hi-Fi-Apricity
    Can anyone comment on how the RAAL handles sub 100hz EQ. Say a rising shelf filter that peak at +6db at 20hz to account for the rolloff. Assuming you feed in sufficient clean power. Im not a loud listener at all FYI.
    I also considered the potential option of having it peak at 6db at 33hz and then nuking everything below 33hz to normal levels, as that takes much more acoustical energy/excursion.
  2. Zhanming057
    A friend is selling his Esoteric I03 that he's been using with the SR1a. I've listened to this setup in person and it's a hyper clean slate that will take preamping very well.

    Asking around $3,100 with box, stock chord and shipped in the US. He's moving up to a Nagra setup and needs to sell a few items.

    I've also decided to formally put up my Spectal set - check my ad in the amp for sale section for details.
  3. popof94
    Hi all, in your opinion what would be the best solution between the Schitt Ragnarok 2 and 2 Schitt Vidar mono to drive the SR1a?
    I received one for 2 weeks 2 days ago. I tried it on a combo Mark Levinson ML1 preamplifier and ML11 amplifier but I am afraid the amplifier is not enough powerful (50W X 2/8ohms). I don’t want to spend more money in an amplifier for the moment. Thanks for your help.

  4. fa02
    You could also wait for the announced Shiit amp, specially dedicated to the SR1a.
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  5. popof94
    Yes, that’s a good idea but as I am not realy sure to keep it ( 14 days trying offer) I want to check before the end of my period if I can get best bass with a best amplifier. For the moment what I listen is very similar in my memory to the abyss TC. I was not a big fan of the TC sold here 3 days ago. For the moment I think I prefer the 009S with BHSE to the Raal but I think I have not the good amplifier to appreciate the SR1a at it fair value.
  6. Darthpool
    I am a member of another forum and there is an extensive thread on the SR1A as well there, lots of comparisons to amps etc: https://forum.headphones.com/t/raal...or-headphone-official-thread/3220?u=darthpool

    I actually run dual mono Vidars at the moment, I ran a single Vidar for a couple months prior and was very content with that setup. When I felt I needed more bass I would bring the “wings” in closer to my ears or do light EQ in the lower frequency with my RME ADI-2DAC ( but honestly almost never used EQ). Hopefully that helps...

    Please let me know if thread linking is frowned upon and I will remove it. =)
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  7. popof94
    Thanks a lot, I will have a look right now.
  8. popof94
    Very interesting forum, thank you for the link. It seem the Vidar X 2 solution is a good option at a raisonnable price. I can get here in France the Chord étude new for less than 3000€. I have no idea how will be the difference and I think the vidar will be perhaps easier to resell in case I don’t like them.
    Anybody here have tried these 2 options?
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  9. Zhanming057
    I recommend the twin Vidars if you have enough space - the Etude is a bit soft in the bass and I think it's just a bit of a weak power design because of the size constraints.

    Stefan who is based in Amsterdam has a Chord TToby (I think?) and the SR1a with a few speaker amps. I think his Linn power amp is also in the same price range which you may want to check out.
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  10. popof94
    Thanks, the SR1a is coming from Stéphan. I have enough space and as I have already the ygddrasyl as DAC I though it was a good idea to add the 2 Vidar.

  11. WilliamWykeham
    Selling my Triton Audio Cables headphone cable for the SR1a - originally $469. Any takers at $300? This is a 4-wire, silver cable. Selling because I have another nonstock cable I use more frequently.

    Neotech 24AWG silver wire for SR1a headphone, 6ft length.-25 linear feet. Furutech FP-706F(R) 4 Pin Balanced XLR.

    *** SOLD ***
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  12. samuraivoodoo
    Does it work in balanced XLR on any amp, or it only works through the interface? I know it wouldn't sound as good without interface/high watt amp.
  13. Scgorg
    It only works on the interface. The interface has frequency curve shaping to account for the rising response of an open baffle line source (it will be very bright without it) and it will be seen as a dead short on most amplifiers, potentially damaging both the amplifier and the headphones. Other than this the power would be far from adequate, most headphone amplifiers could not supply even a tenth of the amperage the SR1A draws.
  14. David Aldrich
    There is the upcoming Schiit Jotunheim R that will do it, however it will only work with the ribbons and not other headphones.
  15. Torq
    I've tried the SR1a with a single Vidar, 2x Vidar's and the Chord Étude, both at length (since I own(ed) them all) ... and will cover those, among other amplifier options, when I get a chance to write up a proper review. Ideally I'd like to include the Jotunheim R in the review, but timing/availability may mean I review that independently once it is shipping.
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