R2R DA M1 Ultracap powered build

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  1. bballas
    only one cap mean no output transformer,no dc servo ic,no j fets,nothing else,1-1 cap +and - .
  2. CJG888
    A bit like a traditional TDA1543 application, then...
  3. CJG888
    Does that mean you can leave the cap out altogether if you have a DC blocking cap on the input of your preamp?
  4. bballas
    mean dac modules generated 0.5v gone.
  5. abartels
    That depends on the value of your DC blocking cap on input preamp.
    The DA-M1 modules generate rather high DC-offset about 0.5V
  6. bballas
    System update....
    Sparky Sbc upsampler 384khz play sd card(not stream!!!) 5v u cap psu - iso regen 7v u cap psu- Singxer f1 5v u cap psu- i2s

    Detonator Reference 12 rail balanced u cap dac (No active or passive coupling or other stages ) dc offset removed by M10 preamp

    Monyo : single ended 4 rail u cap dac.(4pcs lt 3042 reg, 2rail Dc in Analog,Digital) with decoupling capacitor

    M 10 monorual mod. total 7 transformers-7 iso transformers

    (Under the Develop)
    Class D 2x 25w single ended ,direct connected to Monyo ,16v 100Farad u cap powered,volumio digital volume control,no relays,runtime 1hours /charge, charging time 5min without music stop.
    (tested yesterday first, sound promising!!!!!)
  7. bballas
  8. bballas
    the 20$ class D with ultracaps sound much detailed,blacker background than my modded m10
  9. abartels
    Wow, that sounds very promising! You use 6x 16V Ucap modules?
  10. abartels
    I was quite some time absent because my father passed away Tuesday 31 Oct.
    Will need some time to recover before I can concentrate on DIY audio again.

    In the meantime it is good to see you are designing class-D with ucaps Balazs, keep us posted!

    Best regards,
  11. bballas
    yes,6x16v modules,bought this alredy a long time.only the class d module missed.really surprised the runtime with one charging,and the sound compared my monster size amp..overall new details come.
    Now this is full ultracap chain ,without wall power , without noise,without unnecessary active or passive components,stages.
  12. bballas
  13. abartels
    Interesting. Can you imagine how it would sound with a good sounding class-d chipset instead of the one you used, like ICEpower 300A1
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  14. bballas
    yeah,this chipset sound class d flavuor.Cant listen long time.
  15. bballas
    Noticeable upgrade,between isolator transformer-power amp transformer.Power wire reduced 1.2m vs. 30cm.Better mid,soundstage accuracy.More real,without masking Diagram1.jpeg
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