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Quick question about AKG K701

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by insatiable one, Aug 16, 2014.
  1. Insatiable One
    I've read a lot about the AKG K701 vs the AKG K702 and the AKG Q701 and I've gotten a lot of mixed answers. I ended up being equally split among the three.
    My initial choice was the 701 then I read that the 702 was everything about the 701 but better. Then I read that the Q701 bested both the K701 and 702. I also have a price limit of $260 but I have found all of these three headphones online for under that price point. Strangely, the K702 is priced lower than the K701, and the Q701 is even lower than the K702.
    I listen using lossless or CD through a Schiit Modi to an Objective 2 amp. I listen to a lot of music ranging from classical to electronic (not crazy bass heavy like dubstep) to heavy metal. I am also not looking for a ton of bass, just a moderate amount. Although I've read that these headphones may be rather lacking in the lows, I don't really mind and if I really wanted to, I could simply use a bass boost.
    I love the aesthetics of the K701 in white and to me there is just no comparison there, K701 wins in aesthetics. Q701 is fugly.
    My main dilemma is not price, but picking the pair that would suit my needs the best. A big problem I've had to deal with is that there are no stores near me where I can go to try these out for myself.
    I am looking for a headphone to upgrade from my ATH-M50 
    Any suggestions? I'm also open to suggestion of a different headphone, but the fans of the K701 make it seem legendary :3
    Kind Regards, K [​IMG]
  2. NA Blur
    I have owned all three headphones and the K701 is too bright, the Q701 is ugly and feels a little cheap, and the K702 is really just the K701 in disguise.  I ended up with the K712 Pro because it looks better than both the K701 and Q701 in my opinion and has a much needed bass boost that the K701 and Q701 just do not have.  I wish the K712 Pro was made from different materials and lacked the elastic in the headband, but to me if your budget is not a huge concern the K712 is something that will not disappoint.
    Hope that helps mate!
  3. rids57
    The K702 has a smooth headband (no uncomfortable bumps) and a slightly larger sound stage than the Q701.
    The Q701 does have a little more bass than the K702 or K701.
    I bought the K702 and did the bass port mod, which is reversible and just involves opening up the back of the cups and removing a sticky pad. The result of which is plenty of crisp bass without any noticeable reduction in the sound stage.
  4. Insatiable One

    Thanks for the reply NA Blur :) the reason I listed my budget as anything under $260 is solely because I was given that limit to choose a present for my birthday lol
    So are you saying that the K712 is similar to the K701/2 just with a little more bass? That's what it seems like as it is advertised as simply having +3db on the lower end but the price is $100 more. Does it also still sport the 'patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision two-layer diaphragm'?
    One thing that I am worried about is that many people have given the K/Q 701/2 great reviews praising it highly, while others post disgusted reviews saying things like that they have atrocious mids that sound plasticky and artificial and whatnot. Usually, one would expect to find variance in the reviews of a product, but not to the extent of having reviews on both extremes (terrible and amazing).
    Again, I am open to suggestion from anyone towards a different set of cans. But, the K7xx series seems to be quite captivating to me. The reviews are making this option a little shady, though.
  5. NA Blur
    The K701 and Q701 do not have poor mids  In fact they excel in the mid range very well.  The K712 Pro does have +3dB more bass, but the sound is less piercing than the K701/Q701 because of some resonator / driver changes.

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