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Question about FS Atrio IEMs

  1. bigmiketn
    Damn. I wouldn't even be mad if I had to pay full price for these
  2. bigmiketn
    You know what I just realized? You guys helped me get the iems I wanted AND save 90 dollars.
  3. choC.
    You won't regret your purchase, especially if you haven't had a proper hi-fi IEM before.

    I went from craptastic CX300's to the MG7 and I was kicking myself for not finding them sooner!
    I even prefer them to my full sized AD-700s for a lot of electronic music, the bass just makes me feel all nice and warm inside (although it could be the pee running down my leg).
  4. navmau


    I was kicking myself for not upgrading from the older Atrio to the MG7's sooner!
  5. bigmiketn
    I know it's been a week or two but I finally got them ordered.  Almost paid for next day shipping lol.

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