1. kjk1281

    LAST CALL: Aiwa HP-JB33, Future Sonics Atrio X

    Hello Head-Fi! Up for sale today are two lightly used discontinued earphones: the Aiwa HP-JB33 and the Future Sonics Atrio X. Prices listed include First Class shipping to the US and PayPal fees. Discounts available for buyers of multiple items. Thanks for looking! Aiwa HP-JB33: $15. Barely...
  2. MrNurse website? Broken Atrio M5 MG7!

    I purchased my Atrio M5 MG7 from and I tried contacting them and calling them months ago because my M5 fell apart before a year! Even the wire! I liked them, especially for the $110 or so I paid but their website doesn't work and even after several emails, I got no response. What...
  3. iLLbiLLkiLLs

    Sony MDRXB60EX vs AtrioX MG5

    Greetings ALL....   I am simply looking for your opinions as to which is better out of these two.  If you know a different set in the same price range that is the same type of sound, by all means, enlighten me.  I have done a little reading and these are the two I've narrowed it down to for...
  4. Datastream

    [Repair] Atrio MG5 - No sound

    Both my IEMS have broken. Klipsch S4 and my Atrio MG5. My Atrios work slightly if I bend the jack in a way and hold it, but obviously that's not suitable. I think they broke from overuse and when I had them under my jacket, pulling on the wire and bundling up in my pocket etc. I am wondering if...
  5. cgrums

    Pro 750 -> Atrio MG5 Pro -> Vsonic GR07 -> TF 10 -> DT 770 Pro 250 Help Direct the Madness!

    I turn, once again, to the collective wisdom for some guidance.  The title here details my recent explorations in finding headphones (or IEM's) for my work listening experience.   Brief background: I work, both at the office and at home, in fairly noisy environments.  I have a very difficult...
  6. Datastream

    In-Ear Headphones to replace Atrio MG5

    My Atrio M5s are out of warranty i need a replacement similar or even better. I'll be listening to Hip-Hop/Rap so they should have good bass/treble similar or more than the MG5. Could i get some help choosing a pair, i need ASAP, thanks.
  7. astroboy907

    Best huge bass IEMs for under $50?

    Joined the forums just to ask this question-    I am looking for a pair of new earbuds, after mine broke (again),  and decided not to let me solder them back together. So my question, what pair of buds can I get, with huge, thumping bass (Too bad headphones can't sound like my 10" sub)? ...
  8. marco85

    What is better than Atomic Bass 2 ... bass wise.

    All the reviews make it seem as though there aren't any better ear buds.  Price really does not matter me just under 200$ would be better. I need a pair of ear buds that have the heaviest bass with the least distortion.  I can sacrifice bass for more sound quality.  I have been looking at...
  9. A Ham Sandwich

    I love my Turbine Golds but it's time to move on... Suggestions?

    I've had my Turbine Golds for a few years and I love them to death, but enough is enough!  No matter what tips I use, they always fall out of my ears.  My much-inferior Denon IEMs get a lot more use for this reason alone.  The only tips where this isn't an issue are Complies, but those can get...
  10. bigmiketn

    Question about FS Atrio IEMs

    Hi all, first post here at head-fi. Anyway, I am in the market for some new IEMs, and I am positive I want to invest in some Atrios.  Here is my question:  I know that the MG7 driver is better than the MG5 (although by how much I don't) but, right now a pair of Atrio X's with the MG5 driver can...
  11. Raadius

    IEM w/ Booming Bass <$120

    *NOTE: Before anybody beats me with a stick and tells me to use the search function, I would like to say that i have yet to find a similar thread with suitable suggestions. So, without further a do:   Im looking for a good pair of in-ear monitors with the ability to offer plenty of quality...
  12. FullCircle

    Tune your CIEMs/IEMs yourself

    If it was possible to tune your own IEMs via a highly specialized EQ, say a 32 band EQ, all located within the cable of the CIEM/IEM would you want such a product.   The CIEMs/IEMs would not contain an analog x-over, you would be given the true ability to adjust your own CIEMs.    Could...
  13. twiztedjoker

    Futuresonics Atrios re-wire

    Hi i'm looking to get my Futuresonics Atrios re-wired cause its been a couple of years or so and the wire is annoying the hell outta me. I'm just curious if anyone has done this before, and if I should look out for anything important if I do end up carrying out this project. My main issue is...
  14. rock&rollfrenchfries

    question about Atrio X

    from what i understand these are simply the old model atrios. correct?
  15. Atrio X MG5 Black

    Atrio X MG5 Black

    Atrio X bigger sound lowervolume with MG5 proprietary 10mm dynamic drivers delviers a value not found in earbuds twice the cost. Packaging is fully eco-friendly and ROHD compliant. Studio Quality, Ergonomic stay in ear design.