1. goldfilm

    Best cheap earphone to go

    It looks like the JVC Marshmallow has no competition under $20, but what about the best earphone under $30/$35? Would you still buy the cheapest? In other words, is it worth doubling the budget?
  2. blaksabath

    Jbuds M9 vs JVC Marshmollow

    In terms of   -Noise isolation -Comfort -Sound quality   Which one is better?
  3. bigmiketn

    Question about FS Atrio IEMs

    Hi all, first post here at head-fi. Anyway, I am in the market for some new IEMs, and I am positive I want to invest in some Atrios.  Here is my question:  I know that the MG7 driver is better than the MG5 (although by how much I don't) but, right now a pair of Atrio X's with the MG5 driver can...
  4. chef8489

    Looking for some iems for wife. She uses marshmallows.

    Well she loves the feel of the marshmallows, but I would like her to take the next step in iems but have the same comfort as her mallows. It has been about 4 or 5 years since I looked at non customs and could use some advice. Eventually if she can start to hear the difference I will go customs...
  5. Hemn

    iem with AKG K81 Soundsig

    i like the soundsig of the k81 , now i want some more portable phones up to 80 € which iem's with good isolation should i buy
  6. Blondie2012

    Looking for IEM for 50$ or under

    Hello all, I had Head-Direct RE0's for over a year and now for the third time I got loose connections and I hear music only in one ear. Unfortunately my warranty is over and since I keep getting loose connections on every pair of headphones I ever posses I will lower my budget this time.  ...
  7. Vocaloid

    IEMs for work out... sub-$50

    Hey guys,  My sister is looking for a cheap-ish pair of iems that are good for working out. (They need to be able to stay in place and have decent sound quality too) Price range is sub-$50 I searched through some other threads, but most of them only listed iems that were too expensive --;; I...
  8. challapradyumna

    JVC Marshmallow Opinion

    What do you guys think of JVC Marshmallow compared to Soundmagic P11. I am on a very tight budget so this is all i can get now and my stock ear phones are gone.
  9. Crazy08

    Looking to buy my first set of nice headphones and a soundcard.

    Hello, I'm new to Head-fi (just started browsing yesterday), and I am looking to upgrade the audio setup on my computer. I use it primarily for gaming (not extremely competitive) but movies and TV shows are also something to consider. I really don't listen to music at all.   I'm currently...
  10. a03dugga

    In-ear buds, Bang for Buck

    Lo guys,   This is my first post here at head-fi, just wanted to be given some recommendations for in-ear headphones, preferably under £50, could stretch to £60. Im in the UK by the way, and really don't have faith in brands such as Skull candy as they've let me down. Price is an object im...
  11. swordknight

    Yet another thread asking for help on what to buy! (~$20)

    Hey guys, first post here haha.   This thread has probably been posted so many times already, but I'm looking for some cheap IEM's (no more than $30) that you guys think are the best for me!   I live in Canada, I listen to pretty much any type of music, but I guess that I am more bass...
  12. rockthesky

    Too Late to Burn?

    So I've had my AD700s for almost a month now and I keep reading about burning them in?   So I started blasting them at max volume on my iPod Classic last night. I already use them every other day on average. Is this even necessary?   To be honest I don't hear any major difference between...
  13. Emerican

    JVC Marshmallows

    im skeptical about buying these, how are they for the $10 price tag at my store? im looking for a bit more bass than most headphones, and i wanna see how they compare to my last set of 'phones, the radius atomic bass 2     EDIT: woops, my bad, wrong section
  14. Malkovich

    Looking for comfortable and durable earphones for about 30-40 bucks.

    Sound quality doesn't have to be the priority.  I've gone through several pairs of JVC Marshmallows to listen to podcasts at work for extended periods of time.  They are really comfortable but they break too often and I find it frustrating.  I would spend a little more on something if I can find...
  15. brian609

    Poll: IEM under $20

    Okay so after research I've narrowed my choice to 2 headphones. I just made a poll to see what everyone else thinks. I do not the way the m6 has the wire that stays behind the ear so take that into consideration. Thanks for voting in advance.    EDIT: Oh forgot the Creative EP630
  16. FER18

    what do you think of this earphones

    Hi, I am looking for some in earphones that block outside noise, with good sound and confortable, I was looking for the jvc marshmalow, what is your opinion of this model:   http://www.amazon.com/JVC-HAFX34A-Marshmallow-Headphones/dp/B0012UGJNY/ref=pd_bxgy_e_img_c    I am not a...
  17. gngf123

    Ultra-Budget IEM's

    The JVC Marshmallows seem to be mentioned quite a lot, but I was just wondering. Are there any others in this same kind of price category that give a surprisingly decent sound?   I haven't had much experience with IEM's, but I really need something nice and cheap for the train journeys to...
  18. mojoe24

    Cable length of JVC Marshmallows and MEElectronics M9?

    My Skullcandy Ink'd pair broke and I need a new pair of cheap IEMs to replace them.  I was stuck between the two because they seem to have the best isolation; I'll be using them while I mow the lawn.  I really love the pair of sennheiser c300 that I have, but their cable is too short.  How are...
  19. ffdpmaggot

    Best earphones for 20,40, and 60 USD?

    My friend's having some issues with his iBuds, they aren't loud enough for him, so I advised he purchase some entry level earphones. His budget is 60 bucks, but he's spent around 120 bucks on headphones that have either broken or didn't work, so he'd prefer to save money. He listens to a wide...
  20. Anno

    Best earphones under $30?

    Hey, I'll be using them with a portable player most of the time. Good build quality, comfortable. I live in Australia also. Whats the best in this pricerange? Thanks
  21. NejiXSan

    Need a good pair of earphones asap, suggestions on what to get?

    Hey   So recently I've lost my pair of JVC Marshmallows and have been using the apple stock earphones. I don't have too much money but I couldn't stand the quality of the apple earphones much longer.   I've previously had a Sennheiser model but those broke out on me ($80ish) My...
  22. nuubian

    IEM to be worn under motorcycle helmet

    I'm looking for an IEM to be worn under a motorcycle helmet.    What I need: 1) Good isolation. Don't really care that much about sound quality (for obvious reasons). 2) Low profile. Can't stick out too much. 3) Durability. Wires will be under considerable stress. 4) price < $40  ...
  23. tasteful

    Help me figure out something better for cheap portability

    Sort of an all-in-one thread here. Multiple questions.   My Marshmallows are driving me insane. Neither of the tip sizes included stay in my ears anymore. They seem to slip out over time, and it seems even faster if I'm doing something active. Get different tips or what?   Also kind of...