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Q701 Replacement Headband

  1. Shazb0t
    Is there any retailer that sells a replacement headband for the Q701 that does not have the built in bumps?  If not, are there any known headbands for other headphones that easily replace the stock Q701?
  2. brianx14x
    Ok I have been reading a lot about how to replace the headband. They sell the headband as a part #2458M9801. In another thread a member posted a tutorial of him replacing the K701 headband with the K601 headband. The Q701 headband can also be replaced in the same manner. You have to contact AKG customer service and ask if they sell K601 or K702 LE anniversary edition replacement headbands. Both of these headbands fit the Q701 and the K701. The tutorial for replacing this is posted here http://www.head-fi.org/t/495152/akg-k701-k601-headband-pics/15
    I am going to purchase the black Q701s and go about replacing the headband as I've read so many times that the headband is the only downfall of these phones.
  3. Shazb0t
    Bumping this back up now that I've seen AKG has released 'no bump' versions of the headband on other similar cans.  Can they be purchased separately and easily installed on the Q701s?
  4. Mjolnir125
    You should ask AKG support if you can purchase the new K702 headband separately. I have no idea what the price will be though, it might be quite high.
  5. Oliv3
    I tried to find headbands replacements, but found no luck so I did the same thing as the this guy
    you can use size 6/32 bolts it fits perfectly through those holes.
    here's mine after the much needed improvement.
  6. Mjolnir125

    Did you email the spare parts department? If anyone was going to know, it would be them...
  7. Oliv3
    Spare department of what? Harmon? I'm new to the forums. And... They would have a headband from a k712?

    ~Galaxy TabPro SM-T320
  8. Mjolnir125

    I would try the "spare parts" guy listed here:
    I believe he is new; Frank Rodriguez used to be the parts guy but he apparently has been replaced by Marlon Gonzalez. I know people used to buy spare earpads (like the K702 65th memory foam ones) directly through Frank Rodriguez when he was there, so it stands to reason you should be able to buy things from the new guy as well. I bet he will have the headband from all of the current AKG K series models, but they may be fairly expensive.
  9. Viceroy
    Think these will work?
  10. Viceroy
    Ended up ordering it, will let you know how it goes.
  11. Mjolnir125
    You may have already figured this out since you ordered it 2 weeks ago, but I am pretty sure that won't fit over the lower headband, and if it does fit enough for the snaps to work it will probably interfere with the auto adjust of the headband.
  12. Viceroy
    Yeah it doesn't fit. Time to do a bit of modding.

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