Q701 AMP, DAC or combo.
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Dec 19, 2013
Hello Head-Fi, first time posting in the HI-FI section.
Im still a beginner to audio so i apologize for my lack of knowledge.
I have been on a quest to find a new set of hi-fi cans.
So i narrowed it down to the the DT-990 pro's or the AKG-Q701's.
Long story short i decided on the Q701's, but i heard they're pretty hard to drive well.
So i was wandering if i needed an amp or amp/dac combo.
If i get the the amp alone i would be connecting to the on board audio on the rampage iv black edition.
(Supreme fx auidio info  http://rog.asus.com/technology/rog-sound-innovations/supremefx-formula/ )
But I'm not sure if its quality is good enough. If not i guess ill be looking at an amp/dac combo.
Also if i get an amp/dac combo can i turn of the DAC and just use it as an amplifier?
Any ways my max budget is $150.
So far only good ones iv'e seen at this price are,
Fiio e9k (AMP only $109) and the Fiio
e17 (AMP/DAC combo but less power then E9k $139).
I really need some other recommendations..

I live in Dubai so the wall connectors and voltages are different here so it would have to be with USB or have universal wall voltages.
Just ask if you need any more info.

Thanks, advice greatly appreciated.
Fiio E9k
Fiio E17
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The Q701 is not that hard to drive.
I've used my Q701 with the FiiO E17 and it works just fine.
The E17 is not the most resolving DAC, but it is quite good for the money.
The E09K or E12 amps sound a bit fuller and richer, but the difference is very subtle.

For a bit more money I would recommend the iBasso D12, the DAC is definitely better than the DAC in the E17, but then it costs twice as much too!
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Hi icebrain,
For your budget i would strongly suggest e17 as well.
I have been through your position not too long ago as well. :D
for the e17 you can use it as a portable dac as well :D
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I just looked up your motherboard.
It seems to have a very high quality amp and DAC on it, I have my doubts that a FiiO E17 will actually be an upgrade, it may even sound worse!
The DAC and headphone amp on that motherboard are NOT junk!

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