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Project Sunrise II or Schiit Lyr

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by chunkfnk, Mar 12, 2013.
  1. chunkfnk
    After much deliberation, I've decided on a pair of HiFiman HE-400s and I'm in need of an Amp for them. I also intend on upgrading headphones much later on to maybe some HD-800s or LCD-2s. I'm almost set on ordering the Lyr and getting a Bifrost later on for them but I stumbled on the Project Sunrise II amp and it looks really interesting. I especially like that it's a DIY amp but would they work for the HE-400?
    I am looking for something future-proof as I am in college and need something that will last a good amount of time without me wanting to upgrade so soon afterwards.
  2. chunkfnk
    Bump~ Anyone heard the Project Sunrise II with the HE-400?
  3. Luic
    I actually just ordered the Project Sunrise II for my HE-400, I'll probably have it late next week, or so. I'll let you know what I think of it when I get a chance to play with it. I can't wait! [​IMG]
  4. chunkfnk
    Thank you so much! I'm glad someone's also on the same train of thought as me. I look forward to your impressions. [​IMG]
  5. Luic
    Hey, sorry for the very delayed response. I wanted to give the Project Sunrise II (PS2) a thorough testing before forming my opinion on it. 
    Here's a picture of the combo on my desk, I really love how the amp looks!
    My test setups:
    1. PC - HT Omega Claro Plus+ Sound card - Project Sunrise II - HiFiMan HE400
    2. Laptop - HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC - Project Sunrise II - HiFiMan HE400 (or Phiaton MS400, Audio Technica M50)
    3. HTC Amaze 4G android phone - HE400 (or Phiaton MS400, Audio Technica M50)
    4. And also all the above configurations without the PS2
    Tubes Used:
    1. Electro-Harmonix 6922 EH Vacuum Tube
    2. RCA Cleartop 12AU7
    What I listened to:
    1. A bunch of stuff on Spotify, mixed genres (electronica, trance, classical, a few instrumentals, and others)
    2. A few flacs (Muse's new album)
    I really wanted to love this amplifier, especially after seeing how cool it looked. But the main advantage that I could notice when using this amplifier is the improved bass impact. I bought this amp mainly for my newer HE400's, and was hoping that they would sound more dynamic (meaning, lows sound very low, highs sound high). Essentially, like how I remember them from a Head-Fi meetup I went to. The dynamics basically didn't change when I added or took out the amplifier from the equation. 
    Now don't get me wrong, the improved bass impact was good; but there's still dynamics missing. And preferably, I want both to be improved by the amplifier that I end up sticking with. 
    Though I didn't try the HE400's for a very long time, nor do I have great ears for minute musical details (that I know of), I was underwhelmed when I tried out my HE400's without an amp, and again when I tried it with the PS2 amplifier because I expected more improvements. Also, I couldn't really tell what this 'tube sound' that people talk about is, I might need to try a better tube amplifier. 
    Bottom Line:
    Maybe there is a little more sound difference than what I've described (bass impact improvement only); but it's not apparent enough to me to recommend to others. Therefore, I don't feel that the PS2 and the HE400 was a fitting combination.
    So I've been doing a lot of reading after using the PS2, and ortho dynamic headphones or planar magnetics (like the HE400) can require a lot more current to drive than regular dynamic headphones. Therefore selecting an amplifier that can provide a high raw amount of power may be a much safer bet. And it sounds like a solid state amplifier are the ones to go to in that case (maybe unless you get a high end tube amp). 
    Supposedly the Matrix M-Stage HPA-1 sounds good with the HE400, and I have one on the way, so hopefully that'll do well. I can post again when I get that if anyone's interested.
  6. Flisker
    As my experience goes, HE-400 doesn't scale much (if at all with higher end amps) ... tried them with FiiO E11 than Schiit Magni and now with Schiit Lyr and imo Lyr isn't worth it for HE-400. There wasn't even much difference between E11 and Magni. So in my opinion everything will work fine with HE-400.

    As for others headphones, I read lot of positive feedback on Lyr and LCD-2 combo and as for Lyr and Senns stuff it's well known they go along nicely.

    I have HD650 and damn it's awesome teammate for Lyr. I wouldn't belive what sound is possible to get out of HD650. Definitely can recommend Lyr.
  7. Tjj226 Angel
    Ehhhhhh well......the amp might not be the issue. 
    The "dynamic sound" you were looking for simply is not going to come from the HE-400s. Even if you put the HE-400s on a super magical fancy amp, it will still sound pretty laid back. 
    The other issue is that the way in which you get more dynamic sound is probably going to come from the dac. Now if you were using a sound card as the dac to start with, and you are still using the same dac.....well then there is the issue. 
    I am also kind of wondering how exactly you are playing back audio files. Maybe it is a poor quality file??? I really don't know if that would cause that much of an issue, but it is a possibility. 
    Now, the PS2 is going to have a warmer sound. (I think that is what you mean by bass impact). The Lyr is not as warm. The tube sound is sort of lost to the solid state components of the amp. In a sense it sounds like a warmER O2 amp. 
    If you want a good tube amp for your money, go look at finding a used jolida fx10 amp. MAYBE even a little dot amp (I truly hesitate recommending little dot, but it is somewhat better than the lyr).

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