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Discussion in 'Music' started by warmen, Dec 12, 2006.
  1. waynes world
    Thanks for reminding me about Jean-Luc Ponty! Which album did I love years ago? Ah yes, here it is.. totally awesome to hear it again!

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  2. KopaneDePooj
    You're welcome, great album!
  3. HungryPanda
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  4. god-bluff
    The time is drawing near:ksc75smile:
    Time seems to fly by the older you get:rolling_eyes:
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  5. Rhydonia
    One of my favorite Krautrock artists - Rufus Zuphall

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  6. swspiers

  7. KopaneDePooj
    I like how relaxed and detached the drummer is. He drums like a barman crafting a cocktail :) Relaxed but precise.
  8. Peter 1964
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  9. swspiers
    What really catches my attention is the drummer. As a bassist, I can tell that playing with a drummer that can play so technically, without CRUSHING THE DRUMS ON EVERY BEAT is a godsend. I mean: those are like brushes, man. That dude is worth is weight in gold!!!
  10. lugnut
    I agree, great taste in older prog & hard rock .
    However, I was a little taken back by this comment,
  11. god-bluff
  12. god-bluff
    I think you misunderstud me. I talked of British music and the Republic of Ireland is no longer part of the Uk so he was an exception in my list but I had to mention him

    In the words of Jimi Hendrix when asked the question;

    'how does it feel to be the world's greatest guitarist? '

    His answer of course was;

    'ask Rory Gallagher'

    ((Nothing against the Irish. Im a quarter myself (plus 1/4 Italian and approx 1/2 English:))
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  13. waynes world
    For some reason I wasn't familiar with him. Listening now. Yeah, he can play lol
  14. HungryPanda
  15. stenog
    I don't think this band has been mentioned in this thread, big mistake. Excellent prog rock/metal from Greece.

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