Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Impression Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by onsionsi, Aug 18, 2017.
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  1. Left Channel
    Best to switch it off from a power strip anyway; wall warts draw power all the time otherwise.
  2. gto88
    Found micro usb 5v 3A wall warts power supply with switch on/off on Amazon.
  3. Left Channel
    It comes with a fairly decent little switching (120/240) power supply. If the one you found is a linear power supply (local voltage only), that would would be a possible upgrade. You'll only need 1A (1000mA) though.
  4. gto88
    Ordered one from Amazon, have not shipped yet.
    In holiday season, amazon is a little slow.
  5. Left Channel
    Depends whether you live near one of their warehouses, I suppose. Everything I ordered "slow boat" for delivery next week arrived by yesterday morning.
  6. Torq
    Quick update from an earlier post, regarding MQA and drop-outs.

    Using my normal player, Roon, I've not noticed any MQA drop-outs on the latest firmware (v. 2.12). Roon does no MQA processing, so this is simple bit-perfect mode. However, with Audirvana+ (v. 3.2.3) there are still occaisonal "drop-outs" with streamed (via TIDAL) content. The S2 is not automatically detected as being MQA-capable, so that option is set manually. But I am not having Audirvana+ do the first-unfold. And occasionally the sound level will mute some, the MQA indicator disappears, and a few seconds later it all comes back.

    No idea if this is an Audirvana+ issue or a Pro-Ject one, but I don't see this behavior with the Meridian Explorer 2.
  7. Bran
    Hi all,

    Will this be sufficient to drive my AKG Q701 or do you reckon I'll need an extra amp? Don't have the possibility to try before I order.
  8. Left Channel
    It can easily drive 62 ohm headphones. Power aside, I prefer a warmer sound but you may find this one perfect.
  9. fgribas
    Left Channel, what amp are you using to get a warmer sound?
  10. Left Channel
    Desktop headphone amp: Magni 2 Uber. The new Magni 3 may be even warmer, I don't know:

    Desktop speaker amp: NuPrime STA-9. A little large for the office, but not much and I love it! See this chart:

    Considering for media room: NuPrime STA-9 monoblocks for two-channel and a NuPrime MCH-K38 for surround, or only an MCH-K38 for both two-channel and surround.
  11. barondla
    The Schiit Magni 3 sounds much more organic than the original Magni. Very open sounding, especially in the upper midrange where solid state often sounds constricted. It does it without sounding bright. The Magni 3 was also right out of the box vs years of break in on the Magni.
  12. fgribas
    Interesting chart! One day I will get a media room and even a proper desktop environment.

    My current "desktop" environment is my laptop + DAC + headphones sitting on customer's desks all around my country. I'm travelling on business 80% of my time, so the best I can do now is a portable setup.

    Upgrading from a Dragonfly Red to the S2 and keeping my old warrior UE Triplefi 10, I still love its sound. Also adding now a small but somewhat powerful mini-PC to be a NAA, with HQplayer on my laptop converting Tidal on Roon to DSD 512.

    It's hard to balance portability and SQ. And I tend to like warm signatures and tube-like sound. So I'm considering to add a small warm amp, like a Magni 3 or even Vali 2. Don't know if it's worth the extra space, so maybe is better to wait for the S2 to arrive and taste its sound. There is also the power supply subject. I will try a cheap Chinese dual rail linear power supply to feed the S2 and the mini-pC. Something like this
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  13. barondla
    Should point out on my Magni comparison the original used the standard wall wart. The M3 used the giant floor wart. No idea if that makes a sonic difference. But doesn't everything?
  14. Left Channel
    Pro-Ject amps have a neutral/crisp/clean sound. The NuPrime exec who posted that chart says neutral is the preferred sound in Germany, and I guess that's also the case in Austria & Czech where Pro-Ject is based. He says most Japanese prefer neutral as well, while most French and Chinese prefer warmer amps. And indeed my SMSL amps from China are warmer. Interesting, no? I'm looking forward to hearing the NuPrime MCH-K38, which he says has an "American" sound.

    I do believe the right power supply can make a difference. The designer of the Pre Box S2 Digital recently stated that when using USB with the Pre Box S2 Digital, we should not use the supplied switching wall-wart, only a linear adapter or battery. He posted that a few days ago. I've using a $10 linear wall-wart with it for quote some time.

    Schiit supplies linear adapters with all their products. I can't really tell if "Cthulu" is improving the sound of my Magni 2U over the original adapter, but it sure is convenient.
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  15. barondla
    So why does using usb require a different ac adapter?
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