Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Impression Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by onsionsi, Aug 18, 2017.
  1. Soundwave76
    ^ ^ sorry, I was / am too lazy to do proper comparisons between the S2 and DF Red. I also doubt I could express in words the potential subtle differences I might hear. :) One of the reasons why I wanted to replace the DF Red is the volume control, which was only at 6-7% in my Win10 with Oppo PM-3. The 'rule of the thumb' is that you keep the source volume at 100% and set the volume at the latest possible stage. Now I can set it properly with the S2 and it 'feels better' this way... :)
  2. bluenight
    Whats wrong with the power connection in the user manual. Its correct that it can be powered with usb cable from pc? Any advice on usb cable to buy and what type? Are there any sound quality diffrences between cables? There wasent any usb cable suplied in the box, thats normal right?
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  3. Left Channel
    The manual says don't use the external power adapter if you're connected via USB. This is wrong. The developer has confirmed that. You can use USB power alone, but using the adapter improves the USB sound.

    There is no USB cable supplied with Pro-Ject products. That is normal.

    Buy a USB 2.0 cable. Aside from that it doesn't matter much (though many here would argue it does), except you should keep it shorter than 5 meters / 16.5 feet. However Schiit offers some very nice 1-meter cables at an unusually reasonable price:
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  4. bluenight
    What kind of ending does the cable need to have to fit in the project dac? I am not to familiar of the looks of the usb socket on the dac.
    A to b male ?
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  5. Left Channel
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  6. bluenight
    Ok thanks
  7. Jerda
    Good day everyone :)
    Still waiting for the he-4xx on EU, was thinking of buying mimby+magni3 or the audiogd r2r11 to pair with them but today I'm thinking: I am listen music with Tidal, I could buy today the project s2 and later the magni3.... how well works the amp section? /(
  8. Left Channel
    The Magni series of amps are more powerful, and to my ears offer a richer, fuller sound that you may find "warmer". You can run the Pro-Ject preamp output through the Magni 3. See the previous page of this thread for a more detailed discussion.
  9. Jerda
    Yeah I know, but could I pair the project with the he400i for like a month or two before I could buy the magni?
  10. Left Channel
    I don't see why not. Those are only 35Ω, so the Pro-Ject can easily drive them. If you decide you like the sound, then no need for the Magni ...though if you're like most of us here, you won't be able to resist trying it. :)
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  11. Left Channel
    The 2.12 firmware update, released Dec 7th, fixes these problems:
    * DSD channel swap
    * Pop noises on sample rate changes
    * MQA drop-outs

    To check your firmware version, on the unit or on the remote press the Menu button, then press the down arrow twice.

    There is also a new Windows driver and control panel, version 4.38.0, which automatically adjusts for DSD and includes software volume and balance controls.

    PM me for the updates and instructions. (Also the corrected user manual.)
  12. Left Channel
    Update: some people have been able to make native DSD512 work on the Pre Box S2 Digital, with Roon. See this post for Linux, and this post for Windows. Awaiting a Mac report.

    The Sonore lineup (microRendu, ultraRendu) may be able to support native DSD to your Pre Box soon too. See this post.

    Without something like that it's DoP only, up to DSD256. On my system I can't hear a difference between native and DoP — most say there is no difference — or between 256 and 512.
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  13. DexS
    Okay I downloaded the new firmware. I clicked on it. It seemed to unzip,less than a second. The Prebox is still 2.10. How do I get the new firmware there? I’m using a Mac.
  14. DexS
    P.S. Audio Adviser is now selling this in the US. $399
  15. DexS
    As a recommended add on they are listing an upgrade ac power cable. Guess they haven’t opened the box yet

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