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PRESS RELEASE: KEF Launches M Series Hi-Fidelity Headphones

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Apr 25, 2013.
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  1. alejenda12

    M Series Hi-Fidelity Headphones

    really cool staff....................
  2. ianmedium
    OK, red face here!!

    Ken Kessler did not lambast these headphones, quite the opposite!

    That will teach me to read an article quickly. Having just re-read his article he actually thinks they sound quite good. I got confused with him quoting the fashion headphones out there like dre's!

    In my defence and begging of forgiveness I do suffer from Dyslexia which can be a problem at times as in this case!

    So, just to repeat and for accuracy, these sound more like proper headphone company headphones than things like Dre's or their ilk!

    Once again, I really apologize for the mishap and for inaccurately misquoting Ken!
  3. Deviltooth
    That's good to know, thank-you for the correction.
    I'm curious enough to demo them.
  4. Beagle
    sigh of relief.....[​IMG]
  5. bourdieu
    Thanks for clarifying! Now I really need to try that![​IMG]
  6. ssrock64
    Now that the confusion is out of the way, if KEF is as serious about the headphone business as they are about speakers, we may have another M4U 2 on our hands.
    I still won't believe they're completely serious until I see a white-bearded, white-cladded man talking about their new headphones with a pulsing floor light show in the background, as with their presentation video for the Muon. Make happen, KEF!
  7. orky87
    Headphones from KEF? They can try but I don't think their speaker research years amount to headphones expertise.
  8. droido256
    Hey I'll have you know my AKG K270s Parabolic is one of the best dynamic headphones I own. Lol to my ears it was not just a gimmick.
  9. koolas
    How does KEF M500 compare to Momentum in SQ and comfort?
    Are big ears a problem?
  10. ukaudiophile
    I will soon get to play around with a pair and compare them to my Momentums & P5's
  11. astroid
    Lindy already released a dual dynamic in-ear , the Cromo IEM-75, i am testing a sample now and its very good in some respects, best soundstage and imaging i have heard from an in-ear including my IE8.
  12. koolas

    Nice, they are only £69.99:) So how are they? I'm looking for something to replace my cx300-II.
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