Pre-amp in the DAC?
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Feb 11, 2011
I wonder if there is such a DAC with both outstanding conversion performance and pre-amp functionality.

I'm looking at the Lavry DA11 and Benchmark 1-pre. I know that they are both great DACs( seems like Lavry DAC sounds better)

But I wonder how's the Pre-amp section? how would it compare to a Dedicated Pre-amp, under 1 K say the CSP2+ as the pre-amp.

I post this in the source forum than later figured this might be the appropriate place.


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The HA-160D is also worth mentioning. 
I have used burson preamps before, and i was impressed by the sound quality. Regarding the DAC chip, it uses a Burr Brown PCM1793. 
I'm sure this "all in one" box solution is worth. 
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Thanks for getting back to me.
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Another option would be Grace m902 or m903 but I don't know how they stack up with stand alone pre-amps. 

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