Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0
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Could be worse, at least it's not a snow blower


Honda HRX217

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 Just got this last week from David. Little DOT MKIII

Nice, I had a Little Dot MKIII for a while and I regret selling it. In the picture it seems like the Little Dot is on - seeing as it is an OTL amp, you don't want to leave the amp on too long without any headphones connected to it. Just a little friendly tip to prolong the life of your Little Dot

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With the big discounts on th original iPad now the v2 has just come out, I've bought a(n even cheaper) 16GB refurb to play with. My other half has more gadgets than me, so this should redress the balance.
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What a banger. I ride Cyclocross with 35mm tyres and love it, but that looks amazing, too. Happy riding, mate.
 I ride on and off the road with this bike, monstercross was coined for bikes that took tires larger then a standard cyclocross bike (now any larger then 32mm), these are 47c tires and usually a dirt drop (flared drop bar) but can also use road drop bars.
They're a go anywhere bike a jack of all trades if you will.

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fog light delete billet grille and GT premium stealth black wheels 9" in front, 10" in back. Sumitomo rubber 255/45x18 HTRZ II in front and 275/40x18 HTRZ II on the rear. I bought some Canuck lowering springs which go on in the morning...


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