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Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

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  1. Redcarmoose

    So fun to read about and see vids of your car experience. Being in the wheel business had it's share of super car stories. There truly is no feeling like the g force of going fast in Vet with a ton of HP. Acura is out with a new NSX this year. Cheap at 130k. It is the opposite driving experience from a Vet. They can stick to the road so hard your shoulders bruise and you can get sick. 5 gears but you can get to 130mph in 3rd gear.

    One thing I learned about cars is that speed limiters are placed by the manufactures because of tire ratings. As long as you get speed rated tires your ok going the speed your tires are made for after bypassing speed limiter.
  2. Connnorrr
    Wow those backfires! That thing sounds great man.
    I finally decided to get myself a nicer microphone than the Logitech one I've had for a few years. Picked up the AT2020 USB mic from Amazon.

  3. N0sferatu
    It's got Bilstein shocks and custom sway bars upgraded already.  I won't put DRs on the car until I decide to retire it from daily driver usage.  There's high risk of breaking the differential and rear end or axles with a full hit of all the power.  My spinning is what helps keep junk from breaking.  I may go with a stickier street tire to help a little.  For now it's part throttle hits in the lower gears.
  4. warubozu

    Yeah, don't want to be breaking one of your axles or diff. I just sold a pair of Moser 35 spline steel axles to a buddy of mines, will be purchasing another set of steel axles from another manufacturer later.
  5. Redcarmoose

    1. S

    I was surprised to read 800 hp is way above the normal 600 to 660 hp you read about in many of the worlds fastest super cars.

    Driving my friends Viper was not as fun as I thought as the wheels never would get hold and just spun. You could not get that boost off until going 35mph in maybe second gear?
  6. N0sferatu
    Yeah traction is a pain at lower speeds.  Just have to have patience in throttle control.
    For those who don't know cars I say just around 800 horsepower.  For those who know cars and DynoJet and Mustang dyno I'll spew out the actual numbers to the wheels.  Mustang dyno typically reads low and on a Mustang dyno the car put down 640 RWHP and 588 RWTQ.
  7. Rossliew
    Those are some healthy numbers there! [​IMG]
  8. Old Pa
    Do you have any dyno traces that you could post?  [​IMG]
    This is from a couple of years ago of my Blue Car getting its first dyno tune.  The Blue Car proved an excellent tool for my learning to drive more competently (through study, practice, tuning, several driving schools, and track days) and demonstrated the efficacy for me of having a "summer car".  When it came off warranty, we "loosened its bra and panties" (K&N induction kit, fuel solenoid and Cobb turbo-back exhaust) so it could breathe more easily and dyo tuned it again to optimize.  Now it walks away from all normally aspirated small blocks on BIR's long straight.  It is a lot of fun and a total "sneaker".  So much so that it is set to be superceded this spring:
    It will be March build, to be delivered before my birthday at the end of May.  [​IMG] 
  9. N0sferatu
    I don't of my current dyno sheet.  I should have it in a couple days once I get back home.  Remind me in a few days I'll throw it up. :)
  10. raymondlin
    Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Class 5 !
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  11. N0sferatu
    Awesome car!  I can't find the dyno sheet let me tell my tuner to make a copy of it and e-mail it to me.  I did track the car last night.  I didn't want to break anything drivetrain related so when I tell you I launched it from idle slowly with no tire spin I mean I didn't care for the ET at the end but was going just for MPH.  Should be a low 10 second car with traction and a hard launch.
    Here's the slips... Funny thing was I ran the same 11.7 before the supercharger, albeit at "only" 121.7 mph instead of these 135mph trap speeds.
    ) tracknumbers.png
    Here's how hard she accelerates once at speed...this is with a passenger in the vehicle as added weight...

  12. mr56k
    Picked up a new Streamlight led flashlight and trying out a Otterbox Defender case. Flashlight is awesome. Not sure on how much I like the otterox yet. I ordered the commuter too just in case + glass screen protector.


  13. Destroysall Contributor
    Picked up some jeans. Had to order them online, hope they fit nice.
  14. N0sferatu
    Hey came across this the other day and forgot to post it up for ya.  If you're still around here ya go power ramps up fast and hard...
  15. Old Pa
    Looks like all kinds of push-rod fun.   Thanks
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