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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. upstateguy
    It's a hat.[​IMG]
    Rhino73 likes this.
  2. 13713

    Wow that is actually a cool table.
  3. wellers73
    Just upgraded to a Rega RP6:

  4. bbophead
    Excellent!  I LOVE my RP6.  What cartridge and phono stage?  (Oh, and I'm a Weller fan, too.)
  5. wellers73

    Cartridge is a Rega Exact. I'm using the built in phono stage of my Rogue Sphinx integrated amp. It's a great phono stage, but I may upgrade down the road.
  6. pkrdlr007
    Just finished up this Pioneer Pl-115d mkii w/ AT-96E. This one I'm keeping for myself. [​IMG]
    Krutsch likes this.
  7. JazzVinyl

    Looking Good!!

  8. pkrdlr007
    Thanks JV, Took a lot of TLC but has proven worth it.It sounds really good for its age of 35+ years.
  9. Quinto
  10. bbophead
    Pretty picture!  I've tried to love Bruckner but with no success.
  11. Quinto
    It took me years to like some (especially 9th and 7th) ..the loooong lines bugged me for years lol
  12. asilker
    Technics and Audio Technica - ubiquitous
  13. bbophead
    Nice un-ubiquitous photo.[​IMG]
  14. asilker
    haha thanks! got a $2 fisheye clip for my phone photos, people on forums seem to enjoy the goofy perspective
  15. EscritorJuan

    This is my Technics SL-1200M3D turntable at the bottom, using the Ortofon Blue 2M cartridge playing an album while, directly above it, I have a prototype of the Lampizator DSD Komputer music server that I purchased from Lambizator's Lukasz Fikus at 
    AXPONA 2016 in Chicago.  
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