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Portable Dac or Dac/Amp recommendation for HD1 over ear? (Momentum 2.0)

  1. KukoCL
    Hi eveyone,
    I'm trying to find something portable to get better audio directly from my Android phone (LG G6) for my Momentum 2 headphones because i notice too much quality difference when i plug them on my home computer. There i have a creative soundblaster RX which sounds lots better than my LG G6.

    I was looking at the iDSD Black Label Nano. It looks like a good DAC/AMP for US $200 but with these low ohm headphones i think maybe i'm wasting the AMP part of the black label nano?

    My main use will be to connect it to my android phone and work computer using Tidal Hi-fi.

    If you have other suggestion around that price i'll appreciate it.

    Thanks :)
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  2. Grimbles
    Ive got a nano bl, love it and cant reccomend highly enough. You might not need all of its power on that set of cans, but youd have plenty in reserve for a future purchase :wink:

    Otherwise, either dragonfly (i had and enjoyed the 1.2) might be suitable though they do eat a fair bit of smartphone power. Lots of new options too like cyrus soundkey and the little cambridge audio one.
  3. KukoCL
    Thanks, I'll check the soundkey and the audio one. But probably I'll get the black label nano because I'll buy the HD6XX in the next drop from massdrop.

    In all those options you mention, which one you think has the best audio quality under $200?
  4. zhaoziqi123
    Maybe you could try those fiio portable amps. Like A5
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  5. Grimbles
    Nano bl for me - have heard dragonfly and soundkey and think the nano bl much better. It also comfortably drives my hd600s.
  6. buke9
    Well did a little sound check on the HD-1’s. Listen from my iPhone 6Splus and from a Chord Mojo out of my MacBook Pro and the difference was subtle but noticeable the bass was a bit less boomy and a bit better separation. Is it $360( what I got the Mojo for) better that would be up to you to decide. It was better but not drop your jaw better. Both were using Tidal HiFi. The Mojo from the MacBook does do higher resolution so that can explain some of it. Also plugged into my Questyle QP1R and things got a bit better. Wasn’t massive just a bit better. Yes upgrading your source can help but is it worth the expense? Myself I would upgrade my headphones as I bought the HD-1’s for my wife as she wanted some noise canceling headphones for travel. I my testing I only used the wired connection and the HD-1’s are a pretty good headphone but I don’t see spending a lot of money on upgraded source for them unless you really love them. This is just my opinion and YMMV.
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  7. KukoCL
    Oh, I didn't think the difference would be so subtle between an iPhone and a mojo. Now i feel like I made a mistake because I bought the black label yesterday on Amazon.

    By the way, I have an LG G6 which has lower audio quality than my wife's galaxy s7 and probably than the iPhone 6.

    Maybe it is still worth cuz I'll buy the HD6XX if it appears again on a drop lol.
  8. Renato Fury
    Chord Mojo.

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