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Popular Classical Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by light - man, May 19, 2016.
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  1. wskl
  2. Head1
    The complete suite that includes Clair de lune:

    Debussy - Suite Bergamesque - Jean Efflam Bavouzet

    00:00 Prelude
    03:40 Minuet
    07:51 Clair de lune
    12:40 Passepied
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  3. Head1
    The Police / Mariano Mores - El Tango de Roxanne ( Moulin Rouge )

    Played by Classic Movies Quartet

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  4. Head1
    Mozart - Violin Sonata No. 26, B-flat Major. K 378

    Henryk Szeryng, violin / Ingrid Haebler piano

    1. Allegro moderato 0:07
    2. Andantino sostenuto e cantabile 9:07
    3. Rondeau. Allegro 14:57
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  5. Head1
    Welsh lullaby anon. - Suo Gan - Tony Woollard, Andrew Holdsworth

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  6. Light - Man
    Lasts nights Friday concert from the NCH Dublin (video only lasts 6 days until next Thursday)

    RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra
    Duncan Ward
    Alexander Bernstein piano
    Fiachra Garvey piano

    Debussy Jeux; poème dansé / 17'
    Poulenc Concerto for 2 Pianos, D minor / 20'
    Prokofiev Symphony No.5, op.100, B-flat major / 46'

    Three evocative works composed at the height of summer offer a tennis match in the form of an energetic ballet, an eclectic concerto for two pianos brimming with wit, and a symphony that celebrates ‘the greatness of the human spirit’. On the podium is the British conductor Duncan Ward – ‘one of the most engaging, intriguing and exciting young talents; a real star for the future’ (BBC Radio 3) – with rising pianists – Alexander Bernstein and Fiachra Garvey – joining forces at the keyboard for a sparkling display of virtuosity and fun.

    Debussy’s last work for orchestra, Jeux (‘Games’) was composed in mid-summer in 1912 and depicts a tennis match between a boy and two girls while also hinting at physical activities that have little to do with sport. Commissioned for the legendary dancer and choreographer Nijinsky, it was acclaimed as a masterpiece by Stravinsky (the premiere of whose The Rite of Spring a fortnight after Jeux’s first performance would provoke a near riot and re-write the future of classical music). A characteristic work of undulating, liquid contours and watercolour tones, it is marked by percussive effects and constant changes of pace mimicking the progress of the duelling tennis players.

    Few concertos are as excitable, eclectic or ebullient as Poulenc’s for two pianos. Composed in three movements in 1932, it was written in the heat-hazed heart of the summer. Perhaps that reflects its startling opening. Marked ‘Rowdy-Sleazy-Rowdy-Exotic’, its muscular contest between the two instruments – with clashing episodes contrasted by moments of sweet poetic repose – certainly seems to bear that out. By contrast, the middle movement pays homage to Mozart with a glancing allusion to the lyrical poise of Elvira Madigan (Piano Concerto in C, K467), while the finale is an exotic affair richly perfumed with gamelan-like tones and the heady tincture of a romantic tryst.

    Prokofiev described his Fifth Symphony as ‘a symphony of the greatness of the human spirit; a song of praise of free and happy mankind’. Composed in 1944 just as the fortunes of the war were turning, its premiere in Moscow in January the following year was accompanied by the distant cacophony of artillery shells as the German army began its retreat from the Soviet capital. Performed in America within a matter of months, its success there echoed the acclaim it had received at home and earned Prokofiev the coveted cover of Time magazine.


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  7. Head1
    Chopin - Winter Wind Etude - Yundi Li

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  8. Head1
    Lehar - Merry Widow Waltz - Wiener Volksopernorchester / Franz Bauer-Theussl

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  9. Head1
    Manuel Maria Ponce - Scherzino Mexicano - John Williams

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  10. wskl
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  11. SilverEars
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  12. Light - Man
  13. SilverEars
    I love this track from Raiders of the lost Ark

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  14. SilverEars
    Love Jurassic Park as well. Has such a great soundtrack. Very emotional sound.

    Love this opening with the music, just perfect fit.

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