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Popular Classical Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by light - man, May 19, 2016.
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  1. Head1
    Herbert Howells - Three Dances for violin and orchestra

    Lydia Mordkovitch, violin, London Symphony Orchestra, Richard Hickox, conductor

  2. wskl
    Ravel - Gaspard de la nuit
    Ivo Pogorelich, piano

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  3. Raketen
    Debussy - Sonata for Cello and Piano played by Anastasia Kobekina and Uschik Choi

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  4. Light - Man
    There is so much good stuff floating about there in cyberspace that I could swamp this thread, but I will try not to. :smile_phones:

    Guys & girls, what gear are you mainly using listening to videos recently?

    I might have posted this before but it is such a good recording..................

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  5. FullBright1
    Im trying out my new Bowers & Wilkins PX (ANC) headphones.
    They sound much better then the Bose QC35's, or the recent Beyerdynamic Lagoon.
    Im finding they have an airy & spacious presentation (wired only). Very nice. I approve.
    Clamping pressure is going to be an issue for some, as these babies do clamp a bit.
  6. Pokemonn

    my current gear setup is...

    Benedictus - Hayley Westenra > iPod Classic > Dunu Titan1 at peaceful pond park near my house. this mornings temp. is best. most comfortable ever...

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  7. Head1
    I use a Fidelio L2 and Oppo earphone.

    Chopin - Prelude no.16 - Yundi Li

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  8. Head1
    Hugo Alfven - Midsummer Vigil ( Swedish Rhapsody No.1, Op.19 )

    Slovenian Symphony Orchestra, Anton Nanut (conductor)

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  9. Christer
    ok, you are a few weeks late,but music doesn't get more Swedish and "Midsummery "than Alfvén's Midsummer Vigil music.
    Another piece I would recommend by him is his Dala Rapsodi.
    A piece also inspired by Swedish folk music.
    For anybody maybe interested in hearing more from Alfvén, Naxos recorded his entire symphonic output including the 3 Swedish Rhapsodies in the mid 90s.
    His music is maybe the closest we get to a national composer from the same era as Grieg and Sibelius.
    Cheers CC
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  10. wskl
    I'm currently listening with the NiceHCK ME80, a recent purchase.

    Nikolai Medtner - Piano Concerto No. 1

    Igor Zhukov, piano
    USSR TV and Radio Large Orchestra
    Alexander Dmitriev, conductor

  11. Light - Man
    I posted this one before but this time I will mention the fly that buzzes around her shoulders and then ends up in the bun of her hair.

    All this fascinating action takes place from 2' to 2' 30''................................:darthsmile:

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  12. Mr Trev
    I just use whatever is handy plugged straight into my laptop (Fidelio X2 ATM). Youtube videos aren't exactly the pinnacle of fidelity so I'm not bothered to plug in my DAC or anything.
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  13. Peter Hyatt
    Video from TV optical out to KEF LS50W with KEF cube subwoofer.
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