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Plussound Audio Thread

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  1. achl354
    Upon the end of 2013, I stumbled across an aftermarket cable company - Plussound Audio, which I had no experience, nor did I find many reviews/info on headfi. So during their X'mas special, I decided to give them a try and order a cable for LCD3 and se846. Impressions on sound will come later if needed but here are some of the photos of the rather nicely crafted cables.
  2. tomscy2000
    I've purchased rolls of wire from plusSound over the past couple of years; Christian is extremely courteous and prompt with his replies, in stark contrast to some vendors who may sometimes be flaky, non-responsive, or just plain rude. Of all the cable vendors I've come across on head-fi, plusSound is tops in terms of professionalism.
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  3. achl354
    Yes chris provides top notch customer service both before AND after sales, this is very important bcos not every aftermarket cable company can do it, mostly due to over orders or lack of staff.

    Thus far, i would strongly recommend chris from plussound and peter fr dhc, both excellent choice for buying a new cable

    I really love my 8 square braid cable, wonderf craftsmanship!!!!!!
  4. Shroker
    Chris is very fantastic with his service. I still have to do a write up and photos for my cables that I bought back in February of 2013 but I love it. I think I may have tweened the bass of my HD800s a little bit too much but I love them very much. Great build and quality.

    8 braid cable with rhodium 1/4 plug. :)
  5. EpicAnthony
    Can you please tell me what model of cable is that one currently displayed in the picture. I'm currently looking to purchase a copper and silver hybrid for my jh16's.
  6. achl354
    there are two models
    the EXO 4 braid for shure 846
    and the 8 braid headphone cable
    both are using the hybrid wire. If you dont mind carrying a slightly larger cable, the 8 wire square braid is rather compact
  7. availability
    If I'm not mistaken plussound had a promotional deal with UM about a year ago or so. That should say something about their quality.
    Getting one in a very near future. Would really appreciate it if any of you can give a brief impression on the cable :)
  8. dwayniac
    I have three different Exo cables from plusSound,two headphone and one interconnect,and I will say that the build quality is quite good.
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  9. musicheaven
    Bought lots of wires from Chris, he's quick and extremely courteous. I keep buying from him because his wires are just amazing, I balanced wired my SE535 with his top of the lines Plussound silver/gold wires, could not be any happier.
    Thank you all for your comments. Greatly appreciate it. 
    PlusSound Stay updated on PlusSound at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/plusSound/ https://twitter.com/plussoundaudio http://plussoundaudio.com/
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  11. Cotnijoe
    Hey guys. Thought I'd pop in with a bit of my own thoughts on plussound. I recently got a exo series SPC IC and IEM cable from Christian. Customer service of course was top notch and Christian answered my emails extremely quickly.
    In terms of sound, depth and overall height are better compared to my noble cable while the width doesnt seem to extend as far out as the noble cable. The depth especially though, is quite an improvement from the noble cable. It seems very obvious that the placement of the instruments is a bit different switching between the cables though, and I definitely think the cable makes a difference in sound, even if i wasnt able to pinpoint and say why the sound is different.
    In terms of ergonomics, its not nearly as flexible as the noble cable but im just glad to get rid of the noble cable's ear guides. The plussound cable is very flexible around the ear and has been great. Helps me get a more consistent seal and fit as well.
    Of course, the cable looks great. I was one of the first to get the new jack and y split, and they look very nice! So congratz to Christian for making some great cables [​IMG] 
  12. wasily
    Great customer service, beautiful looks on the cables and great sound esp the silver gold cryo!. Im on my 3rd IEM cable from them (Echo)
  13. Aaranu
    I've purchased two cables from Chris now and couldn't be happier, like everyone else has said he is super speedy with his email reply and is happy to answer any questions. I would highly recommend his services! Also he featured my balanced Hifiman cable on his latest promotion updates! Cool!
  14. Ivabign
    I have an X8 silver (1% gold) / Copper Hybrid on the way I bought used with MMCX connectors - I wonder if Plussound would consider re-terminating to balanced for a price. Thinking it would make an interesting match with my 846's - just need to get an amp/DAC to go with it....
    Would a SE to Balanced adapter mute any benefit of the high-end cable?
  15. littlexsparkee
    I love my Hifiman braided cable, it's so light and unobtrusive. Got it for $65 on eBay.
    '7ft long 7N purity stranded UPOCC copper wire, Viablue T6 model 1/4 plug, Mundorf Silver/Gold Supreme solder'
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