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Please Suggest a Cloud Backup & Synching Service

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by suburbanite, Dec 28, 2012.
  1. suburbanite
    My music collection now looks like this:
    "Multiple Types" consists of a mix of WAVs, MP3s and some FLACs.
    I'd like to do one or both of the following:
    1. back it up incase my C drive fails
    2. back it up and sync it to several computers
    Of course, I want to have my cake and eat it too. I'd like a service that can backup & sync my collection- which will likely grow- for <$20/month. Even better would be more like appx. $10/month.
    I'm using Google Drive's 100gb plan right now and I'm not sure I like how it works. What it does is it uploads your files to its servers and replaces your files with links to those server-stored files. I think.
    Google Drive seems kinda flaky to me right now. For the past couple of days, has said
    It seems frozen at 4.32GB.
    OK, Enough about my life.
    Please suggest a cloud synching/backup service to meet my needs.
  2. MagnaCumLaude
    I tried uploading my music to Google Drive and it didn't work well.  I'm not sure if you are mentioning Google Play or Google Drive.  Google Drive is excellent for any non-media files.  I use Google Play to upload my music.  It syncs automatically to my computer and my laptop, and you can access your music from anywhere in the world! VERY COOL!
  3. Currawong Contributor
    I use Backblaze at the moment. It's $50/year for unlimited storage. Takes a LONG time for the first back-up though, so if you can leave your computer switched on for a few weeks that will do it. Along with that, I'm using Dropbox for important files that I often access on multiple devices. This also allows me effectively an "instant resume" if one computer fails and I need to work on another immediately.
  4. suburbanite
    I've been using SugarSync for my productivity files and I really like it, but their higher-capacity plans are prohibitively expensive.
    I tried MyPC Backup for my media but it didn't back up all my files and when I went to cancel my subscription, their customer service people were pompous and tried to intimidate me, e.g. "we cannot refund your payment if you used our service improperly." Oh, brother. They did give me a full, refund, though.
    I didn't know you would use Google Play to upload music... how is that done?
    I hadn't heard of BackBlaze so I'll check them out.
  5. GSARider Contributor
    Using zipcloud...have about 3 tb's uploaded to their servers now across my iMac and MacBook - relatively cheap and all works smoothly.
  6. MagnaCumLaude
    Suburbanite, to use Google Play log in using your Google account and click on "play" at the top of the window.  Then, click "My Music", then click "Upload Music".  You will download a music manager and you can upload your music from there.  
    I did some research that I didn't know about.  One can only upload a max of 20000 (i think you have like 14K) and have to be under 300mb per song.  Here is a site about what will happen to you music.  For instance, FLAC, ogg, and aac files are transcoded to 320kbps mp3.  I guess that sucks but, I don't use FLAC that often.  
    I personally love this cloud service because you can listen, and download from anywhere in the world.  (I guess that is what a cloud service is)  
    If you have anymore questions, ask me...or just Google it. :) 
  7. 5aces
    Just putting this option out there for file backup,as I just completed a large backup project today.

    I had an overflowing internal 280 GB HDD system disk and a full internal storage 1,000 GB HDD on an aging desktop PC.

    I picked up a Silverstone SST-EC03-P USB 3.0 internal PCIe express card,it was $34.00
    Next generation USB 3.0 transfer speeds of 5 Gbit/s.
    Drivers on the small CD installed easily on Win XP Pro.
    It has a dual port USB 3.0 front IO and I had a spare 5.5" to 3.5" adapter for an empty front bay.

    Next,while in Costco of all places,I spotted Western Digital MY PASSPORT portable HDD with Two Terabytes for $119.00 !

    Cheapest,fastest backup I've ever had.
    Did not use any of the WD supplied software.
    Had over 30 folders of Hi-Def RAW camera files,Blu-Ray movies,Programs,PDF,you name it -it was there on the One Terabyte storage drive.
    Copy---->Paste, files were all transferred seamlessly in hours.
    Just transferred 180GB from the operating system drive in minutes,what's not to like?
    The little 2.5" backup drives are self powered by the included USB 3.0 cable,backwards compatible with USB 2.0 so you can enjoy your files immediately in the event of an internal disk failure.

    My Music files get special treatment-I put them on SSD drives for backup.
  8. suburbanite
    Thanks for the replies as I do read them.
    I've been trying Google Play's "Music Manager" software and both like and dislike it.
    I've been using it to transfer mp3's from my home PC to my work PC*.
    It works OK for that though it seems a little crude.
    It seems to work not as SugarSync does in that any two folders on any two PCs are synced and therefore mirror each other.
    Instead, Google Play Music Manager allows one to upload files from one PC- as a single "upload event"- to one's online account and then to download those files in one "download event." I call the uploads and downloads "events" because it seems that if the up/download is interruted in any way, e.g. by a PC restart, then one can upload or download all over again and doing so can cause duplication of files.
    With the above being the case and with my continual adding of mp3's to my Music Manager folder on my PC, I've been downloading versions of the contents of my Google Play account, each one bigger than the next.
    The versions have been looking like this:
    The number on the folder denotes the number of songs with the contents of the larger-numbered folder including those of the smaller-numbered folder. When the "4560" folder download is complete, I'll delete the "3543" folder.
    This is how I'm both backup up files online and moving them between machines for now.
    I'd still like to use a service like SugarSync to seemlessly sync folders between machines, but I don't know of a service right now that would be cost effective and Google Play's $0/month operating fee is too sweet to pass up.
    I guess I'll search indefinitely for the greatest conceivalbe cloud storage & synching service. [​IMG]
    * I rationalize this as a stimulant of productivity which, with my speed metal listening inclination, is kinda true [​IMG]
  9. suburbanite
    Wow, those are some good prices.
    I've had problems with copying MS Office files with long names in the recent past, but fortunately I've had no such problem with media files.
    I actually did as you did before I restored my C drive last week and so now all my media files are available on an additional HDD. Reading your post makes me realize I should do another drag & drop backup to my third HDD since it's on hand and it has some space left.
    I'm still looking for a way to online-backup all my files, though.
  10. 5aces
    I have used Mozy for online backup and Acronis as a backup program and I disliked having them always run in the background.

    Keep a Windows Home Server at my sisters now and send backups there,when I choose.
    We have data transfer caps here in Canada,a real pain and expensive.

    Did you look at www.crashplan.com ,lets you specify a friend's computer as your online backup target, saving you from paying for server storage.
  11. suburbanite
    I've tried Google Play and I like it OK.
    At 0$, it's difficult to complain about the price.
    It's also good that one's Play Music library can be streamed via an Android device via a Google Play Music app. I've used it and it works well.
    What I dislike is that it's mostly an upload/download service, though.
    It seems you can do an upload of your mp3 library and then when you make additions to that library which you want to be included in your Play Music library, your option is to do another upload entirely which causes duplication of those files and more consumption of one's 20,000 song limit.
    Unless I misunderstand.
  12. MagnaCumLaude
    Hey! I am glad you like Google Play.  Make sure you are using Music Manager, i just click the option that says "automatically add songs from itunes".  It works quite well.
  13. TomMcGrath
    I would rather prefer Zipcloud..It's features and configurations are merely impressive and noteworthy.It's management over duplications are mind blasting..they are easy and favorable to use.


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