Planning to get my first IEM, please help me to Choose from the List
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Oct 29, 2013
Am planning to get my first IEM, please help me to Choose from the List below
My Affordable Range:
VSonic GR99
Soundmagic E30
Audio Technica ATH CKN50
Monoprice 8320 / MEP-933
Klipsch Image S3
Sony XB30 EX
Sennheiser CX 175

A lil extra which I dont' mind spending on:
VSonic VC02
Astrotec AM-90
SteelSeries Flux In-Ear
Features that am looking for are:
Crisp and Clear Sound Quality
Wide Sound stage
Tight Bass, no extra bass
Does no prefer a V sound
It should be light and comfortable to wear for long period
Good Noise Isolation
I listen to all genre of songs from Trance/ Heavy Metal to pure Classical/Indian Instrumental.So being a novice I've no idea on which to choose from...I may also be wrong with wat Ive mentioned in my preferences, the only knowledge abt IEM for me are through articles and do help me to get the best possible from this list.
Am very much impressed with ATH CKN50, are they as good as VSonic VC02..?
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Umm, I think the OP probably made their decision by now
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Well, we kinda do. We can see that the OP hasn't been on Head-fi since 12/4/13. So, seemingly long gone for whatever the reason. Just sayin' :)
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He could have been in a coma - or incarcerated.
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I just bought the astrotec am90 they are midcentric but do have enough very tight bass response. They are extremely smooth roll off nicely at the high end and are very easy to listen to all around. But since its a ba driver you need a very good seal to get good bass response so you probably should buy sony hybrids with them because stock silicone aren't great and the foam tips will wear out. The monoprice also have a midcentric sound sig. Though i  dont think there build quality compares, the am90 are built like tanks.But the monoprices are $8 you should probably go to ljokers post or his website, the headphone list .com for great info

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