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Planar Recommendations

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  1. buke9
    The Mobius is just awesome for gaming.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  2. Tex Irie
    Any idea why they keep popping up in the sale forums for almost 50% off? How does it sound wireless with the LDAC codec?
  3. buke9
    Don’t know.
  4. bagwell359
    Audeze tend to be on the warm side (lots of bass, sometimes too much, way laid back upper mids, very reticent highs above 12k).

    HiFiMans are brighter. Some like the HE6 and HEX v2 have lots of bass (appropriate) and lots else besides. Some (HE-500, HE-6) take to mods very well. I find the Ananda and 560 to be bright but with an extra annoying twinge to me personally that I don't like.

    My advice is get a used (only way they come now) HE-500 in good shape (its both defined and warm but not thick) with no mods, should be able to do that under $425. Play with pads, mods (fuzzor). They are probably average to drive compared to todays planars. They'd like 4 watts, but would do fine with 1.5, if your amp has a balanced out, do that change too if they are wired SE. Don't do all the mods at once, do them like one a month, keep reading, keep listening - and in say 6-8 months you'll know what you want to do and you can resell the 500's with little loss of money at that time.

    If you don't want to fuss with all that get the HFM HEX v2 used - several lately in the low $700's. Its possible you'd like the Ananda more but not many used - mail order at audio46 you get 10% off.
  5. mixman
    While there is a part of me that wants the the LCD classic (bass lover side), I know I will most likely just find it dull after a while, if not immediately. I think for me the only Audeze I will probably like is the LCD X. It is easy to drive and is the most forward sounding.
    Now from the online demos I have heard it sound like the Hifiman HP's are a little better in the upper mid range and treble, giving up bass impact and smoothness to the Audezes. I will probably go for either a used Ananda or HEX, both being easier to drive than say an HE500 or 560.
    Used Anandas are easier to find than HEX's. What makes me hesitant to get a used Hifiman is their QC as opposed to Audeze's QC, which look like they are built like tanks. Actually, If I can find a used Sundara really cheap around $300 I might get that. The LCD X and Ananda both go for around $700 to $800 used so its just a tossup as to which sound I might prefer. The LCD X is a staple is many studios, so that may help sway me right there.
  6. mixman
    Are the LCD2 Fazors that different in sound from the classics?
  7. mutik67
    As good as a Schiit Magni?
  8. dsrk
    But Mobius has a disadvantage according to Z Reviews that it can't be used with the cable if the battery is dead.
  9. Brooko Contributor
    I've only ever run out of power once - and recharge is pretty easy. You can even play in Bluetooth while recharging from a battery pack.
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  10. thecrow
    I agree with everything you said/what you’re thinking.

    Personally i woukd probably lean to an ananda (bought from hifiman when eBay has their 10-20% discount specials). I would want some warranty behind an audeze or hifiman purchase. I know audeze’s is transferable, not sure anout hifiman

    Hexv2 has a bit more bottom end than ananda but ananda is better bslanced for me

    But everything you’re considering is good (eg cheap sundara)

    Good luck
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  11. Brooko Contributor
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  12. dsrk
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Oh that is a great question.

    The HD650 is an excellent headphone, and now that you can get equivalent (HDXXX) from Massdrop for ~$200, they are incredible value. The HD650 has the better mid-range if you’re looking for smooth and slight colouration. Alara has better speed and transient response, better bass quality, and is more neutral end-to-end.

    It’s probably more a side-grade than an upgrade, simply because of the price difference. I do think the fidelity is better with the Alara. Enough that my HD600 will possibly go for sale (hard to let go of a reference set).

    Would suggest trying first if you get the chance. If you are in US, I think Mshenay was trying to arrange a review tour.
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  14. dsrk
    Thanks, I am in India and hope that Brainwavz would release Alara in India soon.
  15. buke9
    I would make sure they have a decent return policy because they fit only 2 out of 5 in my house for Christmas all adults and not small heads on the smallest adjustment. They sound very good though and will have my own review of them very soon.
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