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Planar headphones for gaming.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by rjjasick, Feb 24, 2017.
  1. CyberAmplified
    I used some Audeze EL-8s for a while there.
    While I can't complain, I feel like the extra features and sound signature difference from planar magnetic drivers as opposed to dynamic drivers, at least in my opinion, is ill-suited for gaming. That is, not really the genre to best take advantage of it.
    But it definitely sounded better than (ironically) those headphones that are made and marketed for gaming. Granted most of those are console-based but still, $300 for some Astro A-50s. Could get a pair of HD 6XX's on eBay for that (sadly not $199 drop anymore ;c)
    I mean the Astro's probably sound good for the market they are selling in but as far as the available realm of headphones and all that there is in the way of choices and options. I think it really just comes down to preference. Planar magnetic just seems a little overkill for most gaming, for me at least. But still enjoyable none the less.
  2. notsimar
    I've used the lcd2c's for gaming and love them.
  3. Mr. Furly
    Would agree that they are overkill for most games but still helpful in certain situations. I kinda like the planar bass style for gunshots and explosions because it isnt overwhelming and i can still hear footsteps. That's really where the advantage is for me, the spacing of the soundstage and the detail tells you a lot in terms of positioning. When i started playing pubg with my old gaming headphones i could tell general direction and sometimes distance if it was obvious but when i got my Aeons, i can pinpoint direction immediately and get pretty close to exact distances for both footsteps and gunshots. Whether that's because the headphones are better or because ive sunk 180 hours into the game and have simply improved is certainly up for debate. I would prefer to justify my headphone habit so im gonna lean in the direction of "of course my 800$ headphones are better than all my old headphones."
  4. Boogee134
    Aeon Cs are great imo. Great soundstage for a closed headphone.
  5. rizzard
    I use my He-500 for gaming (Pubg, csgo) and I love the space, hear everything I need
  6. raven0us
    Ive used my he400i for gaming and they are pretty good. Better than any "gaming" headset I own. However I game with either the 650's or the 800S' now and they are respectively better for gaming imo.
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  7. cheungbe
    Would generally recommend staying away from planars for long gaming sessions due to the weight.

    Senn's, AKGs, Fidelio X2 are all recommended for gaming. I use the X2 with a vmoda boom pro and love them.
  8. raf1919
    I have used Hifiman 4xx with my PS4 through my schiit stack. Sounds great. but i find myself going back to my PS GOLD headset just because cable always getting in my way.
  9. squee116
    Used HE400i, he400s, he4xx, he560, mrspeaker ether open, lcd2c for gaming
    FOR GAMING: 560, 400i/400s, lcd2c, 4xx, ether would be my preference in descending order, but 6xx's are my typical go to for gaming.
  10. T1125P
    Hi all, sorry for asking this about earbuds but I cannot start a new thread "You have insufficient privileges to post here"
    I have the DT 770 Pro 80ohm, there great but with all headphone's head gets hot so do my ears :D Also bought the Bose Sound Sport in ear, good but looking for something a bit better. I would like to spend no more than $150 on earbuds I was looking at the Shure SE215-K I read that they do sound better than the Bose Sound Sport which I have. If anyone can recommend something in the $150 range for gaming that would be great, also I need them without the mic/volume control on the wire. Actually mostly gaming with a bit of movie/music.

  11. RemoteFerret
    I've got the Audeze EL-8, they're pretty good for gaming! Although it's definitely worth mentioning that the only game I play where this would really matter is Overwatch, and even then I'll admit I'm pretty casual.
  12. Pairzilla
    The Audeze Sine are too uncomfortable for long sessions .ordered the Audeze Morbius. Hopefully those will be awesome
  13. dwinnert
    I am using my M1060's and find them very comfortable for long sessions.
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  14. Jearly410
    I’ll throw in my recommendation for the Aeon Closed.
  15. Rhamnetin
    For the price of most planars, you can build a nice 5.1 surround setup so nah. I own a planar (ZMF Blackwood), plan to acquire a used HE-6, but don't plan to use any for gaming.

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