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Planar headphones for gaming.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by rjjasick, Feb 24, 2017.
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  1. rjjasick
    Does anyone have experience with planars for gaming? I've currently got X1s but the planars have been intriguing me for a while. I've got a MixAmp and O2/ODAC so I'm not worried about driving them. In particular Im looking at HiFi-400s or the new Monoprice 1060.
  2. Kalavere
    I've been using my HE-560's for gaming for a couple of years, I love them. I run my iFi iUSB into my Bifrost Multibit and again into my Lyr 2. I've been gaming like that for a long time. I love it.
  3. Heffa
    I have been using my LCD-2 for solo gaming for years now, through my DIY PPA v2 headphone amp and they are absolutely awesome.
    Just the other week I got me a AntLion ModMic V5 to be able to use the LCD-2 for online gaming as well, but I haven't really had time to try them out that much yet so can't give any relevant feedback on how it works together.
  4. shinjinian
    I use my LCD-2s and Ether Cs for PC gaming and I've been using my isine 10 iem's for my PS4 when it's late. Good experiences across all three of them, especially with the Audeze stuff.
  5. jamjkv
    I've been using a pair of MrSpeakers Alpha Prime for gaming. It's really lovely for playing games. The only thing is they isolate really really well. I can't hear people calling me when I have those on. I still use my Sennheiser game one when I need a mic. It's nice to have open back but it really doesn't compare to planar magnetic sound quality.
  6. Shayko
    For over a year I've used the ad900x, but will be using the he-560 from now on. The increased soundstage and imaging is quite the difference, not to mention that planar bass.
  7. neddoge
    I use my HE-400i almost exclusively on my XB1 for gaming.
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  8. lichlord91
    I also hear good things from HIFIMAN 400I's don't have any myself though. 
  9. hanihanhan
    Do you guys think attaching a microphone to a planar headphone via a strong magnet such as a modmic will interfere with the sound quality of the headphone itself? I've been considering the Monolith m1060 as my first planar, so I have no idea how sensitive planar headphones are to surrounding magnetic fields.
  10. Planetic
    I´m using my LCD-X everyday and can´t complain.
    Except for my head after 4-5 hours :D
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  11. w0nx
    M1060 owner here, love the open planar for gaming & voice.

    I use the on-board mic on my Microsoft webcam...could probably use an upgrade. Dual 2.5mm jacks rule out an in-line mic, curious what you ended up doing?
  12. Kalavere
    I use a Blue Yeti. The Antlion Mod Mic might be a cheaper alternative though.
  13. Mr. Furly
    i wondered about this as well but went ahead and messed with it anyway. I have Mr Speakers Aeon C's that i use for pretty much everything. I fitted a mod-mic to them that i put on for gaming and take off for everything else. Haven't noticed any difference in sound quality for what it's worth but someone with more in-depth knowledge of the magnetic fields generated by planars might want to chime in.
  14. Pairzilla
    Anyone use the audeze LCD-2 C for gaming ?
  15. dieterverberck
    I am using the ether c flow now for music and gaming
    They have a very open sound for a closed version
    In combination with my chord hugo ,it s a very wide open spatial sound
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