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Pictures of your speaker setup!

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  1. MisterMudd
    Details please...
  2. KEV G
    Talk Electronics Hurricane 4 preamp, Talk Electronics Tornado 4 mono block power amps, Talk Electronics Whirlwind power supply, Rega P1 turntable and Harbeth Compact 7es3 speakers. What does all this sound like ......like a giant pair of Andromedas :L3000::L3000::L3000: D7D76D3B-9915-4B6F-A8CA-3CD51AE64DFC.jpeg 5124BC8D-62B4-4CED-93C8-64094024FB47.jpeg BBD8A98B-C490-45A8-9B13-EEC93E1A61D7.jpeg B 6D689191-89CB-45AE-A37E-8D3D2522705B.jpeg AAD8A5B7-AF6D-4DC7-AA1B-E67E352120FC.jpeg Built the rack from a solid oak worktop and sprayed two coats of Morrels oil on for a super durable satin finish.
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  3. ostewart
    Bought myself some new speakers....

  4. ostewart
    Well it's finally at a point where I'm pretty happy with the placement and setup for now.

    IMG_20190521_173127.jpg received_2029043540554757.jpeg
  5. Quinto
    P1019380.JPG P1019376.JPG Switched my old Harbeth SHL5 for SHL5+ 40th anniversary..
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  6. Oregonian
    Cerwin Vega DX-5 pic with Spec system.jpg
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  7. MisterMudd
    What a fantastic setup dude! What speakers (Cerwin Vegas)?
  8. Oregonian
    Thank you. They are Cerwin Vega DX-5's - bought from original owner in pristine condition. Needed the foam rings replaced which I had my local speaker guru do. I've wanted a pair of these for years..................got them and a killer JBL subwoofer for $120 - the sub is now under the left DX-5 (moved the vinyl box to another location). Sounds amazing...............
  9. alpha421
    Wife approved.
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  10. Oregonian
    Here's the updated setup with the JBL sub added to the system..................as if the CV speakers needed help on the bass! :ksc75smile: Cerwin Vega DX-5 setup for Spec system with JBL Sub.jpg
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