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Pictures of your speaker setup!

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  1. chill2music
    This is my setup at the moment, I am quite a novice when it comes to hifi. I have enjoyed seeing my brother get so much joy from his setup. I noticed this a lot when I was younger(6/7) so I decided to follow in his footsteps.

    My setup consists of a 60 watt amp with a built in dac, a network streamer with a built in audio Upsample, a Cd transporter and a ps4. The speaker sound nice. I like headphones because I live at home and don't want to annoy my family.
  2. pelli
    Aside from the last post, this thread seems mostly dead but I'm all for a revival!!! What speakers, DAC/Amp, transport are you using?  Here is a pic of my system as it stands now, it's missing the Schiit Mjulnir which has since moved back into the living room.
    Music Hall mmf 5.1 > Cambridge Azure 651p Phono/ MBP > Schiit Gungir/ Cary Audio Design/ CDP-1 CD Player > Cary Audio Design CAI-1 Integrated Amp > Anthony Gallo CL-3 Speakers and Gallo TR-3  Subs.   
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  3. chill2music

    Hi great setup you have, you must enjoy it a lot! Great rack as well, I am using the Cambridge Audio cx series. My components are a CXC Cd transporter connected by coaxial to the CXN network player, the network player has 2 digital to analog converters and a built in upsampler for coaxial, optical and USB inputs. I also have the cd transporter connected by optical to my amplifier. The network player is connected by red and white cables. The game console is connected to my network player by optical cable.

    I am planning to put a head phone amp in to my setup soon. The headphone output feels like an after thought on this system. My speakers are Bowers & Wilkins D601 S3.
  4. N0sferatu
    I'm up for a revival of the thread.  Here's my theater setup 1st followed by my living room setup.  The living room setup on it's own is plenty for most but the theater is on a whole different level.
    Monitor Audio Platinum front soundstage (PL200/PL350C)
    Axiom QS8 side surrounds
    Aperion Audio rear surrounds
    Seaton Submerssive HP+
    Yamaha Aventage RX-1060A
    Emotiva XPA-3 Amplifier
    Sony 3D Projector with 150" Screen
    Fanatec Racing Simulator
    Living Room:
    Aperion Audio Grand Verus Fronts
    Polk in wall surrounds
    Outlaw LFM-1 EX
    Marantz SR5007
    70" Sharp AQUOS (likely upgrading to 75" soon)
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  5. Topspin70
    My humble set-up.

  6. Music Alchemist

    This was taken earlier this year and has since been updated. (Don't feel like photographing it again.) My current rig is thus:

    speakers: JBL LSR305
    DAC: Schiit Modi Multibit
    preamp: Schiit SYS
    speaker stands: Samson MS200
    USB power isolator: Schiit Wyrd
    laptop computer: Alienware M11x R2

    Although this speaker setup cost well under $1,000, I like it far more than any headphone system.

    Edit: I updated my DAC to the Chord 2Qute and made some other changes.
    Last edited: May 29, 2017
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  7. spookygonk
    That's an amazing cabinet.
  8. Pokemonn
    IMG_0048.jpg .
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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  9. chill2music
    This is my current setup, I am not the best at uploading photos from phone, DSC_0580.JPG DSC_0542~2.JPG DSC_0600.JPG DSC_0234.JPG
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  10. Painful Chafe

    Ummm, very nice but...... Could you share what they are?
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  11. Asspirin
    Cheap bastard here. Just returned from traveling, so everything's a mess, too. 20170616_093556_HDR.jpg
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  12. chill2music
    They look like some really nice Bowers and Wilkins CM series, possibly a series 2. Really nice speaker
  13. Music Alchemist

    Alienware M11x R2 ➜ Behringer UCA202 ➜ TOSLINK ➜ Chord Mojo ➜ Behringer KM750 ➜ Klipsch RP-250F

    I made a wise choice to upgrade to floorstanders. Best sound I've ever heard. (Not counting live sound, of course.) Despite being in a bedroom, they sound phenomenal.
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  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    Edit: Meant for a PM. Got my wires crossed. Oops!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
  15. Trentonian
    Magnepan 3.7s Magnepan 3.jpg
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