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Pictures of Your *Mid-Fi* Portable Rig ($200 - $600)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Sep 15, 2013.
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  1. TrollDragon
    Greetings & Salutations!
    Since there was a bit of a confusion as to the definition of "budget" in the Budget-Fi thread, the thread members there have decided to set a dollar value on the portable rigs posted in that thread. Unfortunately this left a void for Head-Fier's to post pictures of their gear that was above budget standards in the Budget-Fi thread but not worthy of the "Oooh &  Aaah... Look What I Got" $1K+ regular thread.
    (Really not to take away from all the absolutely amazing gear in the regular thread, but seriously who carries that kind of gear around as a portable?)
    Anyhow without further adieu, I present to you for your viewing pleasure the Pictures of Your *Mid-Fi* Portable Rig thread!
    Just a couple of rules here as well:
    1. All portable rigs posted here should have a price from $200 up to $600.
    2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...
    Enjoy the new Mid Tier thread!
    The Budget-Fi Thread is right here... <$200 Total
    The Used-Fi Thread is right here... Anything Goes
  2. TrollDragon
    And to start this thread off right...
    I'll open with a couple of my Ultrasone HFI-780's (Removable Cable Mod & HM5 Pads), Colourfly C3, FiiO E17, DIY mini & HP Cable, fitting nicely in a Pelican 1010 Micro Case.
    And another...
  3. vincent215
    I think mine belong here. Happy listening everyone [​IMG]
  4. audiohurric4ne
    sub'd ! very nice rig btw sir. how do the c3 + the fiio sound? i heard the c3 is a bit picky on amplification. 
  5. lookingforIEMs
    image.jpg My rig, rhapsodio r2l with copper silver hybrid cable and a zen x-fi 3. I usually listen to them out of my iPhone though. My other rig include Atrios MG7 but they are not with me now ;(
  6. spurxiii

    Iphone4s > PB2 > XBA3

    Need a better DAP. I have a Dx50 coming
  7. lin0003
    New AX-60 with DX50. 
  8. Vidmaven
    I'm in
    X3 + E12 + XBA3ip + onest pure silver ra interconnect
  9. marko93101
    Some excellent rigs so far! I'll throw up my one soon. Pales in comparison to some of these!
  10. TrollDragon
    Thanks audiohurric4ne!
    I have no problem with the C3 paired either with the FiiO E11 or E17, since the EQ on the C3 is functionally useless the E17 adds often needed bass or treble boost.
    There are those in the C3 appreciation thread that enjoy the C&C BH amp paired with the C3 over the FiiO's. I have not heard the BH but to my old ears the E11 or E17 sound good and they give the C3 some desperately needed output power to drive headphones properly.
    You would be best to ask in the C3 thread as I don't subscribe to it anymore and they would be up to date on all the C3 amplifier pairings.
  11. amzies01
    Mind if I chime in? :-D ehe.. (FiiO X3, HiFiMAN RE-400)
  12. conheo
    Time to buy....an interconnect :p
    Top : Sony HD5
    Bottom : C5
  13. spurxiii
  14. morinru
    this is exactly the pic i have been wanting to see. a paired-off group shot of the wonder-twins. I've got the E12, and love its sound with so far every headphone in my collection, and have tried it with almost all my daps. Ordered the X3 last night, and am looking forward (looking? is not technically correct, more like "hearing", but you understand the idea) to getting these two together.
    I Like it!
  15. morinru
    and just to comply with pic requirement...voi ci...


    a salvaged ipod mini 2nd gen with 32gb cf > fiio lod > e11 > e12 > vmoda lp.

    its pocketable if i drop the pack into an old sunglass pouch...
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