Jul 4, 2011
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work for a "large corporation", raising kids, buying electronics.

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    work for a "large corporation", raising kids, buying electronics.
    WRC - love it.
    HPDE - have retired from the sport.
    music - personal and private.
    Headphone Inventory:
    ATH-M50, Brainwaves M2 and R3.
    Klipsch s4 (white)
    MDR-EX86 (both the black and the white) .
    vmoda m80.
    westone um3x with fiio recable
    triple fi 10
    sony xba-3
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    E11. E6. E12. E17
    sony pha-1
    practical devices xm6
    headstage arrow 12H 3G
    Z0.2 personal subwoofer
    Source Inventory:
    HTC Desire "G2", rooted running PowerAMP and cyanogenmod7 w dsp
    samsung gs2, rooted
    samsung gs3, rooted
    samsung note2, jedi x rom w voodoo kernal - current phone, running neutron player
    ipod touch 3rd gen 64GB, EQu
    ipod Classic 160GB and 120 GB. both stock (ALAC)
    ipod 5G video 60GB blk(128 GB CF mod), rb'd FLAC
    ipod 5.5G video 60GB wht, (64 GB CF mod) stock. empty - am giving away to an old friend in Virginia
    Cowon O2 16GB (many SDHC gards), black theme
    ipod nano 2G 4GB spearmint green, rb'd. dead battery
    ipod nano 4G 16GB purple - "stock"
    ipod nano 3G 8GB ALAC
    ipod nano 6G 16GB, blue in red lunatik watch bezel
    fuze v1 8GB rockbox w 64 GB flac
    fuze + 8GB stock
    Clip zip 4GB stock
    Clip + 4GB stock
    Fiio x3 with 64GB, flac
    DX90 (on order)
    Cable Inventory:
    Fiio L9 x2 (via amazonian sourcing)
    Fiio 1/8" x 1/8" x 2" interconnect (came with E11)
    Fiio L2, one with x3 and the other as part of Headstage Arrow packaging

    honestly i have stopped keeping track - i have a box 12x8x6" full of em
    Power-Related Components:
    anker 10000 mAh
    Other Audio Equipment:
    AUDEO/PHONAK silicone cable guides
    Music Preferences:
    trance/techno/progressive house, etc. (

    currently listening to [as much of my old CD collection ripped in FLAC as possible]
    Torque (app for android) for reading car's ECU codes and other operating parameters
    nothing special...i just like music. love watching cartoons with the kids. love good food.
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