Physical problem with Beyer DT990?
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That link is only for Europe. I can't find any site selling the headband and I have looked carefully at the headphones and I don't think I would be able to replace them my self. It looks difficult, like I'd have to unscrew things.
It is replaceable. The headband is only a customer variant of the Pro version. 
Of course, if you have warranty, use it please.
I have never seen before that kind of problem. It looks like a chemical decomposition.

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let's see how the local distributor handles this
very curious, because there are some mixed experiences with Beyer's service
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maybe a strange thought, but could it possibly be a reaction with some kind of hairstyling gel you use? 
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again that pic...

Edit: No I don't love it and I agree with Proglover. I just didn't want to waste another new post reacting to you
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bored again?
cmon, you've had your fun with this in the past, this is a serious topic, leave it to be please
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Wow.  I have not seen that with any headphones (without help from external chemicals).  Any chance moisture could have somehow gotten trapped in the case?  Or some type of mold?  This makes me worry all of the sudden for my less rarely used headphones that are sitting in my closet **makes mental note to check**.
Please keep this updated, I have the same pair of Beyers, so I am very interested as to the potential reason and outcome.
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so, only the local Beyer distributor to respond yet?
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WOW that pad has melted! Also it's not paint but rather a vinyl type material. It gets really gooey if wet and can melt. I had a headband that got gunky because I wore the headphone after I showered.
EDIT: If beyer or the distributor can't fix this for you I have a brand new headband here you can have for a few bucks. Let me know if they will fix it for you. If not I'll send you my extra one for a very good price!

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