Phono Needle Repair - Andy Kim
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Feb 22, 2023
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So I have my Susvaras paired with my Rega Planar 10 w/Apheta 3 MC Cartridge.

Today the needle met my wifes loving hand and broke off completely. Tears... lots of them. So, long story short its either 2k+ on a new cartridge or look for a repair.
Enter Andy Kim at Phono Needle I called him at first and he was very certain (Like very very certain - it was like asking a duck if it could swim) he could fix it and make it sound better than it did when it was new. He said he would install the micro ridge nude stylus boron cantilever. Sounds fancy :p
(Enter skeptical ok can you fix it thoughts). He asked me to box it up and send it to him and he would have it fixed in only a day or two and back to me. It costed right at $650 dollars but man did he get it fixed quick and back. It came in this really nice isolated cup back securely adhered to the lid protecting the fragile needle.

Is it better? I hooked it back up to my headphones and wow... good as new. As for better - I feel like it give a bit more base than before, a deeper most robust sound. I feel like its more sensitive giving a slightly heightened air to the music. Everything a little more crisp. I couldn't do a side by side with the old needle - but then again at this point I am so excited to have it back.

So I write this to those of you who love a high tier quality record player matched with a high tier pair of cans. (I have it paired with a Holo May Dac, Bliss, serene preamp ect) Fixing it saved me a ton of money and time (The endless search for the next best)! Also it sounds great to boot. I know there are several other repair places out there, but I figured to report out - the repair sounds like new... so to those who save it never does... well maybe on other cartridges but on this one its great!

Hope this helps someone out on here if they have a broken or damage phono needle! Andy Kim can get it done!

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