1. T

    Looking for an amp to replace Rega Elicit-R

    I've been using a Rega Elicit-R integrated amp for a little over a year now. I have enjoyed it for the most part, but I find it fatiguing and the treble is coming across as very harsh. Maybe it is just too detailed for me. Can anyone recommend an alternative integrated amp that is smoother and...
  2. T

    I just pre-ordered the Holo Audio KTE Spring 2 DAC, level 3

    I am new to these forums so I couldn't start a new thread in the "Dedicated Source Components" forums. I chatted with Tim Connor who was very helpful with my questions about this new DAC. Super excited to see what this sounds like as I'm currently using a ESS 9028Q2M based DAC that is sounding...
  3. a-mal

    WANTED : REGA EAR headphone amp

    looking for rega headphone amp. Pm me!
  4. NightWolf1396

    [Help] Planning on buying a setup

    Hi, First of all I'd like to thank in advance for your time spent helping me. I have the following doubt. I'm planning on buying some audio gear to listen to my vinyl collection and I was wondering if it will all work together without any problems or if I should get something different. I put...
  5. BobinNJ

    Realistic expectations vs Diminishing returns

    OK, I know this is an "Apples vs Oranges" question, but I'm going to ask.  I recently upgraded my Phono setup from a budget table to something more midfi.  I like the sound, but being an want-to-be audiophile, I did an A-B comparison; analog vs digital.  They were close, closer then I would have...
  6. zardon

    Rega ISIS Valve .. on the hunt for 'vinyl' sound.

    I really do love music.   I suppose thats an unusual first line, but im a little worried that people might think im mentally questionable if I just introduce this thread with a 'ive just decided to spend £7k on a new CD player." Say what?   I am wondering if im in the minority now. CD...
  7. bobeau

    WTB: Rega DAC

    As the title says.  Willing to pay up to $800 shipped CONUS if in mint condition.
  8. LearnedHand

    Rega Brio and Headphones

    Hey All,   First post to this forum.  Surfed here occasionally for sage advice though.  Anyway, this past summer I was looking to start playing vinyl on my "nice" turntable (read: not the portable I bought at Urban Outfitters), so I went out and bought a manageably priced amp.  I ended up...
  9. Snicewicz

    Quality "Budget" Turntable?

    Well I have gained an interest in buying vinyl now that alot of bands I like are releasing records on them. I was curious of a decent budget turntable. The most I would really want to spend is about 250. But I am considering Musicdirect - PRO-JECT DEBUT III TURNTABLE W - GLOSS WHITE PLINTH &...
  10. Braver

    Rega P3 and Ortofon om20... Should I shim?

    My total satisfaction audio wise has kept me from the forums for while. However, lately the wiring on my Dual 505 started giving out. Since for some reason summer means vinyl, also the limitation of the om10 needle started to bug me. So it started, I bought an om20 needle last weekend, and I...