Philips SHP9500, ATH-AD700X, etc for PC/PS4 Use Via Jack, No Amp?
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New Head-Fier
Dec 14, 2019
Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to headphones. For a long time I used the $5 ones from the nearby general store before trying several name ones (Beats, Bose, etc). Eventually I went with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT. I tried them as well as the M40X, and while I preferred the M40X's sound, I opted for the M50XBT due to having bluetooth in-case something went wrong (something did go wrong, the dongle broke on my phone, the port was messed up, and I either could use the bluetooth on the headphones, or use the wired option with my 4th generation iPod Touch, so I suppose my fears were warranted). The bluetooth on the 50's has also proven useful when I'm using my hands (and don't want to tangle any cables). That being said, I'm still trying to learn more about headphones and would like to have a pair of open-back headphones to listen to while at home.

I would say that my budget is around $120 or below. I've been eying the Philips SHP9500, as well as the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X (I am uncertain how the 500X and 900X are though). Whatever open-back headphones I get, I intend to use it with my PS4 controller, as well as computer, both plugged into the jack. I will not be using an amp as I do not have one, and my room is relatively small, so I'm uncertain where I would be able to put one. I also intend to purchase either a mod mic or an antlion microphone depending on the headphones purchased. My current headset is a Gigaware USB Stereo Headset (I've used it for over a decade, so I think it's time for an upgrade).

Has anyone used these headphones with either a computer or PS4? I've read some posts of others having difficulties, things sounding faint/harsh, or even having difficulty driving the headphones, and wanted to see if I would run into those issues with either of the pairs listed.

My motherboard is ASUS Z170-E LGA 1151 Intel Z170, I have plugged my Audio-Technica M50XBT's into the front jack without any issues, I had to raise the volume a little bit (I keep it at 11% usually, so maybe bumped up-to 18%), the same with my PS4 controller (I have it a few notches away from full).

If anyone has any other recommendations, I would be grateful.

Thank you

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